Chemistry MCQs Chemical Bonding 1st year

Chemistry Chapter 6 Topic Chemical Bonding :

1. Which one of the following compounds does not obey Octet rule
a. PF3
b. BF3
c. NF3
d. AsF3

2. Maximum energy is required to remove an electron from
a. s-orbital
b. p-orbitals

How to do computer based NUST Entry Test

 How to do computer based NUST Entry Test:

Yesterday NUST gave example E-Test on its site. NUST has not given any directions on how to do this Test. so I thought to tell you how to do it. It is much important to understand it fully before giving the test so that on test day you do not lose time in understanding it.
  1. Go to this link http://nust.edu.pk/vutes/index.htm.
    2.  You will see a page in front like shown in this screen short. Select the category for which you have applied.


English Grammar Test

spot the error :

1. No sooner had I started mowing the lawn, then it started raining.
            a              b         c                               d
2. I didn't know   whether he was  too busy but he just didn't want to see me
        A                            b                         c                               d


Physics Topic Magnetic Field and Charged bodies

Electric Charges and Magnetic field:

1. The charge moving perpendicular to the magnetic field experiences
a. max force
b. minimum force
c. no force
d. none

2. Which of the following is correct
a. 1T= 103G
b. 1T=104 G


English MCQs Topic S-V agreement [MCAT]


spot the error :
in the following sentences some segments of each sentence are underlined.your task is to identify that underlined segment of the sentence which contain the mistake that needs to be corrected.fill the bubble / circle corresponding to the letter under the segment in the MCQ response form
1. Everywhere politicians of the most conservative and bourgeois kind is attempting to
                            a                                                                             b           c                                               rebuild  for themselves a compromised career.

2. Another  example are yaws which until recently caused a great many deaths.                                     
        a            b          c                                                            d


Important news About Online NUST Entry Test

Important News about Online NUST Entry Test :

As some of you might know that National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has decided to take Entry Test in two forms Written as well as online E-Test.
There were a lot of concerns and confusions regarding "How this online test is going to be?". So  NUST has decided to give  an Example of its computer based online test.
The test has been uploaded and is available at this link.


Physics MCQs Nuclear Decay, X-rays and Logic Gates

Nuclear Decay, X-rays

and Logic Gates :

1. During a negative BETA decay
a. an atomic electron is ejected
b. an electron which is already present within the nucleus is ejected
c. a neutron in the nucleus decays emitting an electron
d. a part of binding energy of nucleus is converted into an electron

2. A mass spectrometer maybe used to distinguished between
a. different elements
b. different isotopes

English Vocabulary in MCAT

I  received a lot of mails in which students asked a single question, "How To Prepare English
Vocabulary Words given in Syllabus of MCAT?".
 So let me tell you a bit about it and You can also download a list OF all English Vocabulary words in UHS MCAT with there meanings and synonymous from here

English Vocabulary in MCAT :

  In 2011 UHS introduced syllabus for  MCAT and gave 872 words with it. In MCAT 2012 they have continued the policy. They have given that 10 MCQs would be given from Vocabulary portion out of 30. But that is not the case.

Physics Mcqs Ch.1

Physics Mcqs Ch.1:

These mcqs are prepared especially for Medical entry test preparation from physics 1st year chapter 1.
1-The study of physics deals with
a-laws of motion
b-the structure of space and time
c-force present in nature
d-all of above

2-The science of physics based on


How To Answer MCQs

How to Answer MCQs :

Here is a simple way to answer our tests so that we can evaluate them and help you on your mistakes.
Just follow these instructions

  1.  If your using Windows 7 just open sticky note or notepad from

     Start >  Programs  > accessories > Sticky Note.
    For Windows XP sticky note feature is not available but you can use notepad instead. open it    from.
    Start >  Programs  > accessories > Notepad.
  2.  Write down your responses while scrolling down the Test in this format.

  3. At the end copy them and paste in comments below the test.

    Looking Forward to your responses.


In this section we will take an account of MCAT taken by U.H.S. its Syllabus, Date and also why is it taken?


Previously the Medical entry Test was taken by the respective universities of the specific cities.
Then the government made a standardized step and medical entry test for admission in all Punjab medical institutes was given under University of Health Sciences (UHS).

 Why is Entry Test taken :

                  In Pakistan the students  consider M.B.B.S and B.D.S as their ultimate choice. This gives rise to tremendous amount of competition. As the no. of seats is limited, almost 3000 ( the no. increases each year). It became necessary for the government to Choose best students for admission on these limited no. of seats.
                  But question arises why the F.Sc marks are not considered as the only criteria for admission?
The answer is pretty controversial.
 According to some personals of UHS and Medical institutes the chief reason is the low standard of the F.Sc Exams. (Although students might not agree with it).
2nd reason we found was that due to high competition UHS wanted to give seats to those students only which had high I.Q level and were better in Understanding things in a better way rather then cramping the text books.
              So always try to develop a high in sight of the subject you study. It will be very beneficial for you in entry test exam. 

Syllabus Of MCAT UHS 2012:

             In 2011 UHS  Introduced a new trend. Instead of taking entry test from whole book they introduced specific syllabus. It consisted of only the basics required for a medical degree.
So as far as majority thinks it made MCAT a bit easier. 
                      Now most of you will be eager to know about Syllabus of MCAT 2012.

 So the latest news is UHS has not announced Syllabus of MCAT 2012. 

But there are rumors  that the syllabus for MCAT 2012 will be same. As far as we think UHS will not change the Syllabus much if changes at all. So 2011 Syllabus should  be followed and one thing more, always try to have a complete grip over your textbooks as to cover up this syllabus a knowledge of complete book is necessary

            Date of Entry Test

               As far as date of Entry Test is concerned. UHS takes Entry Test in July or September each year. Nobody can be exact as UHS has not given any date sheet of Test. So be ready as early as possible. Get your books and start preparing after F.Sc exams.

Updated article is available here. Update


Date of UHS MCAT 2012 :

There are a lot of rumors going around about date of MCAT taken by UHS. Some Students are much concerned about it. So news for all of you is that UHS has not announced date of medical Entry Test 2012.  There are rumors that MCAT will be held in

Medical Equipment: Introduction to Medical Equipment

If you are new to medical field as a student,doctor or nurse and want to know about medical equipment. Then you are at right place. How you define medical equipment.
 What are essential medical equipments. Precautions when using medical equipment.
which medical equipments to buy and from where??? and much more you will find in this series of articles. 
Here is a generalized review about medical equipment to begin with.

Medical Equipment:

Medical equipment or armamentarium can be defined as 

 Definition :


Syllabus Of MCAT 2012

All Those anxiously waiting for Syllabus of MCAT 2012. The news for you is "The Syllabus of MCAT 2012 has been announced".

  Syllabus of MCAT 2012:

This post is to confirm what we told you almost a month ago in our earlier post Syllabus of Mcat Uhs 2012.

That the UHS is not going to change the syllabus for MCAT 2012. It is confirmed by the fact that the syllabus announced for MCAT 2012 is same as for the last year. So those who prepared that syllabus should be happy to hear it and good for repeaters as well.

Aptitude Is not Included in MCAT 2012:

As last year, the UHS has decided to take a aptitude test only for feed back purpose and it is not going to effect the performance of candidate for sure. So it is Double feast for all Premedical students. Enjoy!! You can download Syllabus OF MCAT 2012 from the link above


Biology MCQs Introduction to Biology

Introduction to Biology MCQs :

These are MCQs from first topic of syllabus of Medical Entry Test (MCAT)  by U.H.S. This topics are present in Chapter 1 of first year text book. In Entry Test there are 4 MCQs from this topic that is 20 marks.

Here are some important MCQs from this topic.
  1. Ecology deals with
    a) Biotic factors of environment
    b) Abiotic factors of Environment
    c) Environmental relations
    d) Both a&b
  2. Histology is study of living organisms at ___________ level.
    a) Cell
    b) Organ
    c) Tissue
    d) Community
  3. Study of Geographical Distribution of animals is known as
    a) Biogeography
    b) Zoogeography
    c) Animal Geo graphics
    d) Non of above
  4. Unicellular Plasmodium is studied under the branch of biology called
    a) Microbiology
    b) Cell Biology
    c) Parasitology
    d) Pathology
  5. Study of life of ocean is
    a) Sea Biology
    b) Oceanography
    c) Marine Biology
    d) Ocean Ecology
  6. Insulin preparation comes under which branch of biology
    a) Social Biology
    b) Biotechnology
    c) Genetic Engineering
    d) Parasitology
  7. What is the right distribution of levels of study from smaller to larger
    a) Specie, community, population , Ecosystem
    b) tissue, cell, organ, system
    c) Individual, Specie, population, community
    d) Organelle, tissue, organ, System
  8. Term Vaccinization was discovered by
    a) Edward Jenner
    b) Louis Pasteur
    c)Emil Fischer
    d) Robert Khoshland
  9. Biopesticides have advantage over chemical pesticides because
    a) Pests can not develop resistance against them
    b) They are cheaper
    c) Non Pollutant
    d) All of above
  10. Cloning surely produces organisms that have identical
    a) genotype
    --------------------------Continued on Entry Test Class -------------------------

    We have made a more interactive website, 

    You will get all right answer right after your answer, or test yourself and get answers on completing test.

     Your wrong answers are saved in your profile for review plus your stats will tell you which chapters you should repeat repeat. 

     For Complete Test and More MCQs join Entry Test Class. It will help you prepare better for your test.


Concept Building [How to] build Concept:

In this section we are going to discuss  "How to build concept".  So lets start

  Concept Building [How to] build Concept:

                      Concept in terms of learning is the understanding in a way that is expressible,implementable in situations and comprehensible.
In simple words, it is the overall integrated knowledge you acquire from textbooks, class work, Practical, tests and Exams.

  Concept and Entry test:

                       People speak a lot about entry test and concepts. You should have good concepts to get good marks in entry test and all that.
                       The actual thing is in Entry Tests like M.C.A.T by University of Health Sciences and E.C.A.T by U.E.T have only at the most 20% questions which evaluate concepts of candidate.
                       So it can be clearly seen you should concentrate on concepts, but students go wrong when they only try to focus on concept. They neglect the 80% portion of the entry test.
                        So you should try to read your textbooks as well as building concepts along with.
As far as other Entry Tests like N.U.S.T,Pieas and Giki are concerned. There are 50% conceptual questions but yet without reading textbook you stand no where.

How to Build concept:

So as you will be thinking how to Build good concepts? 
Answer is simple just concentrate on what you read,write,hear and think of a particular topic. You should ask these questions from yourself frequently after reading a topic.
  1. What is the basic theme of the topic?
  2. How can it be implemented in daily life?
  3. What is the purpose of this study?
And at the end do some good quality MCQS about the topic to get derived facts which will be helpful for you in building good concepts.
So far so good we are moving ahead If you have any Questions regarding this topic please ask below.



Biology MCQs Reproduction and Immunity

Biology MCQs Topic Reproduction and Immunity :

1. Development of an egg without fertilization is called
a. Cloning
b. Parthenogenesis
c. Parthenocaroy
d. Apomixes

2. In honey bee which of the following develops from unfertilized egg?
a. Queen
b. Workers

Medical Colleges Admission Probability Calculator

Medical Colleges Admission Probability:

if you want to know you are going to get admission in a medical college or not you are at right place to know that just keep reading.

How Gets admission in medical college?

The percentage criteria for merit as you all know is 

  1. Entry Test 50%
  2. F.Sc 40%
  3. Metric 10%
so you can clearly see students doing well in Entry Test will have a upper hand on those who do not do well in itt. So do not worry much if you have scored less in F.Sc
Generally it is said that a student getting good marks in F.Sc and metric will not do well in Entry Test. These are just excuses. In studies it is seen that almost 80% students having A+ grade in F.Sc do well in Entry Test and get admission in a Medical college easily. The thing is why 20% are not able to do so?
The answer is most of them victims of Lack of Confidence and get confused about how to prepare for Entry Test. We will talk about that in some other article.

Admission Probability Calculator: 

Here is a way to get a quick estimation of where you are going to stand in merit list..
Keep one thing in mind it is just a software. Actual performance is going to depend on how you handle your nerves on that day and what is your I.Q level.

Admission Probability Calculator

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concept building how to build concept


Chemistry MCQs Chapter 4

  Chemistry MCQs Chapter 4:

These are some more Mcqs designed especially for Entry test preparation from chapter 4 first year.

1-In the graphite lattice what is the no of nearest neighbours for each carbon atom

2-which element exist as discrete small molecules in the solid state


Medical Entry test MCQs [Chemistry] Ch. 3

These MCQs are from Chemistry book 1 chapter 3 and are specially prepared for Medical entry test.
1-which of the following has the least critical temperature

2-kinetic energy of 3 moles of a gas is
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