Date of UHS MCAT 2014

At this time  you people are  very anxious for UHS to announce date and syllabus of MCAT 2014. Before I tell you about Date of MCAT  Let me tell you, This news from inner sources.  we have been helping you people  year after year.

A few weeks back Dawn News gave this news that in a meeting UHS officials have decided to take test at the end of August instead of September. let's see if this is possible or not

Late MCAT 

Firstly last year the Test was conducted late and First year M.B.B.S classes started much later in December while in 2011 (year I got admission in K.E ) we started session in November. 

So There is a very good reason to take test early so that admission can take place early. 

There is another twist though, 

Every year as you all people now, BISE through out punjab are not able to announce results before September. So How will UHS start admission process without result from Boards. 

Finally words about Date of MCAT

 Finally I would like to say you people should start preparing for MCAT. If test occurs ahead of Schedule. You people will be prepared for it.  I will try to make a study guide for you , Books to cover and then practice by taking test in entry test class.

Let me know when you want the test to be 

1. September 
2. August 

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