English Vocabulary in MCAT

I  received a lot of mails in which students asked a single question, "How To Prepare English
Vocabulary Words given in Syllabus of MCAT?".
 So let me tell you a bit about it and You can also download a list OF all English Vocabulary words in UHS MCAT with there meanings and synonymous from here

English Vocabulary in MCAT :

  In 2011 UHS introduced syllabus for  MCAT and gave 872 words with it. In MCAT 2012 they have continued the policy. They have given that 10 MCQs would be given from Vocabulary portion out of 30. But that is not the case.
Last year they gave 18 MCQs from this portion 10 as Synonymous and 8 questions in Grammar MCQs, which included use of these words in sentences.

So now you can clearly see how important it is to prepare these vocabulary words.18 Questions having total 90 marks can change the whole out come of the result.

How to prepare these words :

It largely depends on your study habits but some suggestions are given.
If your basic education is in Urdu then I suggest :

First prepare Urdu meanings of these words.
Then try to make a few sentences from them with special emphasis  on using correct preposition.
After that if you have time see some synonyms as well.

The students of English medium and A levels should try to concentrate on using these words in sentences. After that have a look on possible synonymous.

I searched for Urdu to English dictionary sites but unfortunately I found only third class sites just built to generate some revenue with ads.However for English to English Translation and sentences I found these two quality sites http://dictionary.com and http://thefreedictionary.com.

Hope this article helped you and answered most of your questions. I want your feed back about "How should I help you in this regard either by tests or by synonymous?"


  1. cud u plz find some mcqs which were given in previous mcat pprs so v cud hv an idea abt the kind of mcqs which are mostly given in da test..... i need dem badly :(

  2. There are several ways to learn English vocabulary i.e. write a definition, use it in a example sentence, translate it into your language etc.

    Easy Way to Learn Vocabulary

  3. plz tel me about english grammer


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