Concept Building [How to] build Concept:

In this section we are going to discuss  "How to build concept".  So lets start

  Concept Building [How to] build Concept:

                      Concept in terms of learning is the understanding in a way that is expressible,implementable in situations and comprehensible.
In simple words, it is the overall integrated knowledge you acquire from textbooks, class work, Practical, tests and Exams.

  Concept and Entry test:

                       People speak a lot about entry test and concepts. You should have good concepts to get good marks in entry test and all that.
                       The actual thing is in Entry Tests like M.C.A.T by University of Health Sciences and E.C.A.T by U.E.T have only at the most 20% questions which evaluate concepts of candidate.
                       So it can be clearly seen you should concentrate on concepts, but students go wrong when they only try to focus on concept. They neglect the 80% portion of the entry test.
                        So you should try to read your textbooks as well as building concepts along with.
As far as other Entry Tests like N.U.S.T,Pieas and Giki are concerned. There are 50% conceptual questions but yet without reading textbook you stand no where.

How to Build concept:

So as you will be thinking how to Build good concepts? 
Answer is simple just concentrate on what you read,write,hear and think of a particular topic. You should ask these questions from yourself frequently after reading a topic.
  1. What is the basic theme of the topic?
  2. How can it be implemented in daily life?
  3. What is the purpose of this study?
And at the end do some good quality MCQS about the topic to get derived facts which will be helpful for you in building good concepts.
So far so good we are moving ahead If you have any Questions regarding this topic please ask below.



  1. Salam . Thanks alot we are really getting benefit from your experiance .
    but bro what do u mean by some good quality MCqs ? do you recommend any book which could help us in getting good quality mcqs .?
    secondly : u wrote ,
    2. How can it be implemented in daily life? (in concept.building ) , so plz illustrate ur words by an example of BIological MolecuLes ?

  2. You can have MCQs from Anywhere. If You are in KIPS, Punjab etc they will take tests even we plan to have some MCQs Test on our site.
    Regarding 2nd part of Question I always used to have some nemonic or a word related to a Theory.
    For Example if I studied the law of Gravity. I used to observe it in daily life. It is just a simple example But in complex Situations it will be interesting for Example If You Think how metals can create a field free area. I saw a documentary Once man wearing a IRON suit and playing with 5000V so always remembered it with this example. Thai is how effective concepts are build


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