Medical Equipment: Introduction to Medical Equipment

If you are new to medical field as a student,doctor or nurse and want to know about medical equipment. Then you are at right place. How you define medical equipment.
 What are essential medical equipments. Precautions when using medical equipment.
which medical equipments to buy and from where??? and much more you will find in this series of articles. 
Here is a generalized review about medical equipment to begin with.

Medical Equipment:

Medical equipment or armamentarium can be defined as 

 Definition :

Any diagnostic, monitoring or therapeutic tool used  in clinical setting is known as medical equipment.


The term medical equipment is not limited with instrument used for inspection. It is quite a broad term with a lot of tools used for very diversified purposes. I hope you have appreciated that even the things related to Monitoring of Patient are also included under medical equipment. Some simple examples of medical equipment are stethoscope, Sphingomanometer ( commonly known as B.P apparatus ), MRI etc.

Types of Medical equipment :

Diagnostic Equipment :

The Equipment used to diagnose any disease or abnormality in a patient is designated as diagnostic equipment.e.g MRI, ultrasound, Electrocardiograph etc

 Therapeutic Equipment :

The Equipments used to lessen effects of disease are known as therapeutic equipment. It is the leading field of research for people as it includes lasers, radiography and other modern equipments used to eradicate diseases and list is still increasing.

 Life Support Equipment :

This equipment used in extreme cases to maintain a patient's body function. The most common example is Ventilators. Other examples are Heart lung machine, hemodialyzer etc.

Medical Laboratory Equipment :

These equipments are used in laboratories to perform various tests like blood test, Renal function test, etc. Most of these test are performed via automatic machines using complex computer system and software to analyze a sample.

Medical Monitoring Equipment :

These allow the medical staff to monitor regularly a patient's health status by measuring various parameters like blood pressure, ECG, Glucose level etc.

Home Medical Equipment :

Some medical equipments are so easy to use that a common man can easily operate them. 
The most commonly used of which is Blood Glucose Analyzer for control of diabetes mellitus.

There are various types of medical equipments which has revolutionized the Medical sciences and also made possible the treatment of most complex diseases.

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