Medical entry test MCQs Biology Topic Homeostasis and excretion

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Biology Test Chapter 15 Homeostasis and Excretion :

1. The mechanism by which organisms maintain the stability of their cellular environment is known as;
a. Homeostasis
b. Normal health
c. Structural adaption
d. Osmoregulation

2. When the concentration of external medium is equal to the concentration of internal medium of cell is called;
a. Hypertonic
b. Hypotonic

c. Isotonic
d. Heterotonic

3. Brassica and rose plant belong to group of plants;
a. Hydrophytes
b. Mesophytes
c. Xerophytes
d. Succulents

4. Animals which are unable to adjust their internal salt concentration according to external environment is;
a. Anhydrobiosis
b. Osmoregulators
c. Thermoregulatory
d. Osmoconformers

5. Which one of the following animal can survive without drinking water?
a. Kangaroo rat
b. Pig
c. Kangaroo
d. Camel

6. Nitrogeneous wastes are produced as a result of;
a. Photosynthesis
b. Ingestion

c. Assimilation
d. Deamination

7. Fresh water protozoans pumped out excess water by a special structure called;
a. Oral groove
b. Contractile vacuole
c. Pellicle
d. Vacuole

8. The term glycogenesis means, the conversion of;
a. glucose to Glycogen
b. Lactic acid to Glycogen
c. Glycogen to Glucose
d. Amino acid to Glycogen

9. Which one of the following nitrogenous compound is much more soluble in water?
a. Uric acid
b. Urea
c. Ammonia
d. Creatine

10. The removal of amino group from amino acid is called;
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