Date of UHS MCAT 2014

It is that time of the year again , when all of you are wondering about when MCAT is going to be conducted. F.Sc exams are being conducted, and you are all worried about Date of UHS MCAT 2014 . 

well don't be worried here I am with some information and hopefully it will be very handy for you. As I have already explained Syllabus of MCAT 2014 now we see about date.

UHS has tried a lot of things over the time, They tried once to conduct the test before F.Sc exams. I said they tried but they never succeeded in doing that.

Then Date of MCAT was announced to be July  last year, Still they announced it but never succeeded in conducting the test in July.


Syllabus of MCAT 2014

It is that time of the year again when new batch waits for uhs to announce syllabus, You would be anxiously waiting  for Syllabus of MCAT  2014. So let me tell you about it How the syllabus of MCAT 2014 would be..

We have been breaking the news early year ,   after year . So This year as well I am going to predict about syllabus.

Syllabus of MCAT 2014

Syllabus of MCAT 2014 is going to be very similar to last year's syllabus. The reason behind is that the curriculum for M.B.B.S remains the same. 

UHS tries to make syllabus according to M.B.B.S Books,  Mostly those topics are included in the syllabus which are relevant to the curriculum so therefore there is a very small chance of any change in syllabus.


New Direction How the hell a magazine will help entry test students ?

Lets be Honest today, you have read a lot of sense and non sense  about a magzine New Direction. which is being launched on this Friday, I wrote an article on Career guidance for it. I was wondering how a magazine will help intermediate students ?

I mean intermediate students too busy in studies all the time aren't you ?  why give some time reading an education magazine. and It is the first of its kind , New Direction is pakistan's first education magazine written for students by students.

Yes doctors and engineers from Best intitutes of Pakistan have written this magazine who are reading in Best intitutes of Pakistan , like King Edward Lahore (ok it is me and my juniors ), from Nust (Hassan and his juniors, from AIMC, UET , FJ and other major institues in Pakistan.


5 reasons to do a Medical Degree in America

The Upcoming age is not going to be of Doctors for sure, People are severely affected by the World recession and Health Insurance companies felt that too. It is never good if you are physician in current scenario. Old days are gone, now Health funds are questioned, each medicine you prescribe is going to cost Insurance company. So they are going to ask Questions.. Yet it is not a bad idea to get a Medical Degree in America. Here are 5 reasons plus one extra

Service with Money

There are fields like Computer Sciences and Engineering where you can get big salaries. When you think about doing a medical degree rewards might not be that great in terms of money but the satisfaction of serving people is of great value. And you get money for serving people, for saving their lives.


Salaries of Physicians and Doctors in America

I wrote about 5 reasons why you should be doing a medical degree in America, I just mentioned about the scarcity of Physicians in America and why it is going to be good for you to be a doctor after all. Today I have a bad news and a good news, let's see the good news first

Physician's Annual Salary in America

Today I just ran into Indeed.com, It is a very badly designed website but for a really Good Purpose. You can get Annual Salaries of Any Profession anywhere in America, Plus you can search for Jobs and it only includes results from good Job websites so actually  in a way a little bit easier and better.


What to know before applying in a Medical School?

These days education is not cheap. Making a decision for where you want to do your medical degree can be a difficult task,  in last post I gave you a list of Top Medical Schools in America for 2014 (opens in a new tab).   Today  I would be telling you about making a decision about Medical school and what should be the criteria.

Your American Dream

Yesterday I read about the American dream and how it leads people to earn enough money to send their children in expensive colleges. Medical Schools are no doubt some of the most expensive institutes. So think twice before dreaming about your favorite medical school. I mean if you can't pay HMS not to think about it unless you have hopes of getting an HMS or non HMS scholarship.

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