Syllabus of MCAT 2015

Since the start of syllabus, MCAT has became much easier for students. Now you don't have to remember everything in your book. Instead topics of great importance mentioned in syllabus are enough for getting good marks.

Syllabus of MCAT 2015

As I told last year , the year before and even in 2012. There is very less chance of any changes in syllabus of MCAT. So Syllabus of MCAT 2015 would be quite similar to that of MCAT 2014.


MCAT Result 2014

MCAT Result 2014

so you are back after MCAT, while the country is in distress over politics you would be in distress for MCAT Result 2014, I hope you have already seen the key but still I am giving you the key here.The result of  MCAT 2014 will be announced with in 2 weeks by UHS.


5 Facts about Entry Test Class

As you people know we have launched our latest test session with the name of entry test class. From now on wards all my MCQs are going to be added on entry test class.

I know a lot of you want to know more about entry test class, and what is it? Basically let me tell you 5 facts about it.

Test Session 

Firsly Entry Test Class right now is a test session with more than 30 test added and more will be added in coming weeks. I don't how 30 test sounds like but there are about 2000 Questions in 30 test. 
One Pre MCAT has already been added in Entry Test Class and we are planing to add more Pre MCAT test near the end of session. 


Download Syllabus of MCAT 2014

Finally after yesterday's prank syllabus UHS corrected their mistake and have announced the syllabus, Let me give you download link for syllabus and then we see what has changed.


Date of UHS MCAT 2014

At this time  you people are  very anxious for UHS to announce date and syllabus of MCAT 2014. Before I tell you about Date of MCAT  Let me tell you, This news from inner sources.  we have been helping you people  year after year.

A few weeks back Dawn News gave this news that in a meeting UHS officials have decided to take test at the end of August instead of September. let's see if this is possible or not


Nust Entry Test Date

According to Dawn News, while the date of  MCAT has not been announced yet , NUST has announced dats for Nust Entry test 2014.

So for those anxiously waiting for Nust Entry Test Date  here is the schedule

Registration Date : 

Registration for Nust Entry test will start on  9th May 2014 and will end on  15th June 2014.  So be sure you get yourself registered before 15th June. I will suggest all of you to take this test it will give you a lot practice and self confidence before appearing in MCAT. 
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