Biology MCQs Reproduction and Immunity

Biology MCQs Topic Reproduction and Immunity :

1. Development of an egg without fertilization is called
a. Cloning
b. Parthenogenesis
c. Parthenocaroy
d. Apomixes

2. In honey bee which of the following develops from unfertilized egg?
a. Queen
b. Workers

c. Drones
d. Searchers

3. Diploid parthenogenesis takes place in
a. Aphids
b. Wasps
c. Ants
d. Bees

4. Which of the following animal is hermaphrodite?
a. Hydra
b. Drosophila

c. Mosquito
d. Earth worm

5. Internal fertilization takes place in all of the following groups of animals , except
a. Birds
b. Amphibians
c. Mammals
d. Reptiles

6.female mammals , except humans is called
a. Mentruation
b. Oogenesis
c. Estrus
d. Luteinization

7. External fertilization ocuurs almost exclusively in habitats that are
a. Moist
b. Tropical
c. Warm
d. Crowded

8. In most non-mammalian vertebrates , the reproductive products (i.e. eggs, sperms, Embryos etc ) leave the body by may of a
a. Reproductive pore
b. Genital duct
c. Ejaculatory opening
d. Cloaca

9. Sperms are produced in the
a. Interstitial cells
b. Seminiferous tubules
c. Vas daferens
d. Prostate gland

10. How many mature eggs are typically produced  by each ovary of a non-pregnant Woman each year?
a. 6
b. 12
c. 24
d. 48

11. Testosterone , the male sex harmone , is synthesized in the
a. Seminiferous tubules
b. Epididymis
c. Prostate gland
d. Interstital cells

12. Whwn mature eggs leaves the ovary , it enters the
a. Endometrium
b. Uterus
c. Oviduct
d. Vestibule

13. Fertilization take place in the
a. Uterus
b. Oviduct
c. Vagina
d. Follicle

14. Spermatogenesis is requires the presence of
a. Testosterone
b. Progesterone
c. Cortisone
d. Estrogen

15. During oogenesis , each diploid cell produces
a. Four functional eggs
b. Two functional eggs & two polar bodies
c. One functional egg and three polar bodies
d. Four functional polar bodies

16. All of the following male traits and related to testosterone hormone in other species, instesd of man, which one is not true for this trait?
a. Growth and shedding of antlers in male deer
b. Brilliant plumage of many male birds
c. Male dog's habit of lifting his leg to urinate
d. Brilliant plumage of female birds

17. Which of the following hormone maintaining the "corpus luteum" as a functional gland during early stage of pregnancy?
a. Follicle stimulating hormone
b. Chorionic gonadotropin hormone
c. Luteinizing hormone
d. Progesterone

18.characters, during puberty?
a. Estrogen
b. Luteinizing hormone
c. Testosterone
d. FSH

19. Sertoli cells are present in the
a. Epididymis
b. Interstitial cells
c. Seminiferous tubules
d. Prostate gland

20. Menstruation is triggered by an abrupt decline in the amount of
a. Luteinizing hormone
b. Follicle stimulating hormone
c. Estrogen
d. Progesterone

21. What structure serves as a lung digestive tract and kidney for the developing embryo?
a. Placenta
b. Liver
c. Amnion
d. Endometrium

22. The total gestation period in human female is about
a. 180 days
b. 260 days
c. 280 days
d. 28 days

23. Which of the following foetal hormone stimulate the birth?
a. Oxytocin
b. Corticosteroid
c. Androgen
d. Thyroxin

24. During birth the contraction started from
a. Uterus
b. vestibule
c. Oviduct
d. Cervix

25. Genital herpes is caused by;
a. Virus
b. Mycobacterium
c. Treponema
d. Neisseria

26. Perspiration, salvia, and tears contain an enzyme "Iysozyme" that kills;
a. Virus infected cell
b. Bacteria
c. Protozoa
d. Viruses

27. Blood vessels near wound dilate and become more permeable in response to which material released from damaged cells?
a. Pyrogens
b. Antibodies
c. Histamine
d. Interferons

28. White blood cells that are non-specific of microbes are the;
a. B -- cells
b. Killer T - cells
c. Helper T - cells
d. Phagocytes

29. The humoral immune system defends mostly against bacteria and viruses n the;
a. Body fluids
b. Digestive tract
c. Internal organs
d. Regions beneath the skin

30. Artificial immunity can be acquired from a;
a. Serious illness
b. Treatment with antibiotics
c. Vaccine
d. Repeated exposure ro the same microbe

31. The humoral immune response system is associated with;
a. T-lymphocyte
b. Helper T-lymphocyte
c. B-lymphocytr
d. phagocytes

32. The term humor refersto;
a. Bone marrow
b. Stem cells
c. Sub-cutaneous tissue
d. Plama & Lymph

33. Antibodies are synthesized by;
a. B-lymphocytes
b. Killer-lymphocytes
c. Helper-lymphocytes
d. Phagocytes

34. The term immunity refers to;
a. The combined actions of all white blood cells
b. Evens that ocuur within the lymphatic system
c. Specific defenses against microbes encountered during an earlier exposure
d. General defenses against all micro-organisms

35. The regions of an antibody that make it distinct from all other kinds of antibodies are its;
a. Constant ( C ) regions
b. Variable ( V ) regions
c. Mutated ( M ) regions
d. Biturcated ( B ) regions

36. When a T-cell recognizes an antigen, it;
a. Moves from the thymus to the spleen
b. Releases antibodies
c. Releases interferons
d. Multiplies

37. Lymphocytes that inhibit the development and proliferation of "T & B cells" are the;
a. Suppressor T-cells
b. Suppressor B-cells
c. Macrophages
d. Neutrophils

38. Messenger molecules, secreted by heler T cells, that recruit other white blood cells are called;
a. Interferons
b. Antibodies
c. Lymphokines
d. Cytotoxins

39. Lymphocytes that cause the formation of holes in in plasma membrane are
a. B-cells
b. Suppressor T-cells
c. Helper T cells
d. Cytotoxic T cells

40. Which of the following disease is common among individuals with deficient immune system
a. Asthma
b. Cancer
c. Edema
d. Erythroblastosis fetalis

41. The virus that cause aquired immune deficiency syndrome parasitizes
a. B-lymphocytes
b. T-lymphocutes
c. Helper T-lymphocytes
d. The membranes of lymph nodes

42. The egg producing structure of an animal is called
a. Ovary
b. Oviduct
c. Uterus
d. Ovipositor

43. The head of sperm consists largely of
a. A flagellum
b. Cytoplasm
c. Stored food
d. Nucleus


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