How to do computer based NUST Entry Test

 How to do computer based NUST Entry Test:

Yesterday NUST gave example E-Test on its site. NUST has not given any directions on how to do this Test. so I thought to tell you how to do it. It is much important to understand it fully before giving the test so that on test day you do not lose time in understanding it.
  1. Go to this link http://nust.edu.pk/vutes/index.htm.
    2.  You will see a page in front like shown in this screen short. Select the category for which you have applied.

3.   After that you will see a page like one shown below

On test day it will be empty you will put in your details in here. for this Example Test you have to click on submit only.

4.  After that you will see your first Question like  this.

Read the Question and answer it by selecting right option then click save and move on next question.

 If you are not sure about your answer then there then click on review button which will mark it for review.

Then click on Next and for new question.

You can review your answers any  time but I personally recommend if you do not have  experience on giving online test then please do not hewer around  these buttons.
I suppose  it was helpful in giving you a brief description of test.Good Luck.


  1. What if we're an Alevel student ?

  2. It doesn't make a difference I think , Test would be the same

  3. Sir.a.o.a.sir how we can solve rough work during computer based entry test.is there any blank sheet allowed.and after clicking review what should to do next.plz reply


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