Physics MCQs Nuclear Decay, X-rays and Logic Gates

Nuclear Decay, X-rays

and Logic Gates :

1. During a negative BETA decay
a. an atomic electron is ejected
b. an electron which is already present within the nucleus is ejected
c. a neutron in the nucleus decays emitting an electron
d. a part of binding energy of nucleus is converted into an electron

2. A mass spectrometer maybe used to distinguished between
a. different elements
b. different isotopes

c. identical isotopes bearing different charge
d. all

3. X- rays have the energy of order of

a. 10eV
b. 106eV
v. infinity
d. zero

4. Which of the following are the electromagnetic waves
a. gamma rays
b. alpha rays
c. beat-minus rays
d. beat-plus rays

5. A particle left no tracks in a cloud chamber , did not register on a GEIGER MULLER TUBE a failed to make a zinc sulphide screen glow. it was most likely
a. a proton
b. a neutron
c. an alpha particle
d. an electron

6. 1  micro curie=------------ becquerel
a. 3.7*1010
b. 3.7*107
c. 3.7*104
d. 106

7. As a sample of radioactive element decays , its half life
a. decreases
b. increases
c. remains the same
d. changes exponentially

8. One of four different atoms :A 2246 B 2446, C2346,D2044, the pair of isotones is
a. A and B
b. B and C
c. A and C
d. A and D

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