Medical Colleges Admission Probability Calculator

Medical Colleges Admission Probability:

if you want to know you are going to get admission in a medical college or not you are at right place to know that just keep reading.

How Gets admission in medical college?

The percentage criteria for merit as you all know is 

  1. Entry Test 50%
  2. F.Sc 40%
  3. Metric 10%
so you can clearly see students doing well in Entry Test will have a upper hand on those who do not do well in itt. So do not worry much if you have scored less in F.Sc
Generally it is said that a student getting good marks in F.Sc and metric will not do well in Entry Test. These are just excuses. In studies it is seen that almost 80% students having A+ grade in F.Sc do well in Entry Test and get admission in a Medical college easily. The thing is why 20% are not able to do so?
The answer is most of them victims of Lack of Confidence and get confused about how to prepare for Entry Test. We will talk about that in some other article.

Admission Probability Calculator: 

Here is a way to get a quick estimation of where you are going to stand in merit list..
Keep one thing in mind it is just a software. Actual performance is going to depend on how you handle your nerves on that day and what is your I.Q level.

Admission Probability Calculator

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