How to Get 1000 Marks in MCAT?

One of the most prestigious and difficult exam in our country is considered to be MCAT. It comprise of 220 multiple choice questions and each correct answer is equal to 5 marks to make the exam’s total scores equal to 1100. To achieve 1000 marks out of 1100 is compulsory to get admission in any good medical college, not theoretically but in actual practice. Every single student try his best and to maximum extent so that s/he can cross that marks barrier but only a few student qualify for 1000 marks. Why is this so? Is MCAT is too hard to get 1000 marks? Do not thousands of those students work hard equally? Why only a few percent candidates achieve 1000 marks while most of the candidates do not even cross 800-900? We would discuss appropriate answers to the above questions in the following paragraphs.
A misappropriated consideration lies still in the minds of the MCATians that it is almost impossible to get 1000 while it is not so indeed. Getting 1000 marks or to top the test is just the game of the nerves and the time factor. As the exam comprise of 220 questions and everyone is supposed to complete all in just 150 minutes so the most important factor students should take care of is the time management during the test. Do not leave any bubble empty.
Just do not leave any bubble empty! This is so because the luck factor is the second most important factor during the test and if you do not know the answer to any question just try to get an answer based on your knowledge or otherwise fill any box which you think might be correct.  In the end, hard work is also a huge factor as someone said, “The more I work hard, the more of lucky I feel like.”

Best of luck for the MCAT 2016.

Revision for MCAT in Last 15 Days


Medical College Admission Test – A test which is the most important test in about all the countries like Pakistan.

In Pakistan, MCAT is conducted in August-September each year while the F.Sc. Part II exams are held in May. All the students and relevant staff is aware of the fact, however, it would be surprising for the new people that the students starts preparing for the test even before the F.Sc. exams. It is also surprising that some academies starts MCAT classes even before the conduct of regular F.Sc. exams. It is surprising as well as alarming for the concerned authorities and the students themselves.

MCAT is not such a test like it is considered in our country and the conception of people is too wrong about MCAT. The parents and the students think that the MCAT is the only exam which would decide the future of their children. This is the main reason that the students are so cautious about the test and the preparation phase. And this is the reason behind they start preparing for it even during the regular classes and the academies also start conducting special classes.

Now, we talk about the most important phase before the actual test which is the last 15 days before the MCAT date. The struggle of every student is to revise the Whole books and the course before the test, however, this is not the case with every student that s/he completes it. It is also not wrong to say that revising the whole course in just 15 days is not possible. However, what I suggest about it is that every student should revise the course at least 3-4 times before the last phase. And then in the last 15 days, it would be very easy to revise the whole course at least two times. Also, the revision should not be like cramming the important text but one must revise the notes made by him/her in these last days.

Time Management in MCAT

To achieve high scores in MCAT and to manage getting into a well-known Medical Institute, is the dream of every student of F.Sc. (Pre-medical). In previous times, all the exams were alike; comprising of 10 extensive questions and the candidates were supposed to attempt any 5 or 6 of them while all the questions carry equal marks to make a total of 100. But, now a days, the trend is not like that. The exams are now in the form of short questions and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, the issue of Time Management is not resolved by the students till now.

MCAT is the most important exams in our country and it is solely based on MCQs. There are 220 questions in total and each question is needed to be attempt as there is negative marking for every wrong question. To attempt 220 MCQs in 150 minutes is not a child’s play and it need proper preparation and nervous stabilization throughout the exam period.
The question is how to manage time in MCAT? The answer is simple. To practice as much as one can before taking the actual exam. I must add the MCAT preparation academies factor that those academies are running for profit and just as a business by the owners, however, what those academies deliver is the proper time management by taking a lot of tests and practicing in a well-controlled manner.

There are special online academies and test classes which ensure the students are capable of taking 220 MCQs in a time span of 150 minutes. Entry Test Class is one of such online academies. Students can take free exams available and then register themselves if they find it useful for them as individuals. There are many test samples available with a clock running with them tracking the time taken by them for each test and in this way the students can control their time management issue faced in the Final MCAT.


Get Syllabus of MCAT 2015

At last your wait is over and UHS has announced syllabus of MCAT 2015. Here is my analysis of MCAT 2015 Syllabus  and you can download your copy of syllabus or watch it online.

Changes in Syllabus

As we already predicted correctly. No of questions are same as last year and most of the syllabus as well. The MCQ structure is also same as last year. I might be biased here but Entry Test Class covers the whole syllabus. So you can good practice from it. 


Syllabus of MCAT 2015

Since the start of syllabus, MCAT has became much easier for students. Now you don't have to remember everything in your book. Instead topics of great importance mentioned in syllabus are enough for getting good marks.

Syllabus of MCAT 2015

As I told last year , the year before and even in 2012. There is very less chance of any changes in syllabus of MCAT. So Syllabus of MCAT 2015 would be quite similar to that of MCAT 2014.


MCAT Result 2014

MCAT Result 2014

so you are back after MCAT, while the country is in distress over politics you would be in distress for MCAT Result 2014, I hope you have already seen the key but still I am giving you the key here.The result of  MCAT 2014 will be announced with in 2 weeks by UHS.

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