In this section we will take an account of MCAT taken by U.H.S. its Syllabus, Date and also why is it taken?


Previously the Medical entry Test was taken by the respective universities of the specific cities.
Then the government made a standardized step and medical entry test for admission in all Punjab medical institutes was given under University of Health Sciences (UHS).

 Why is Entry Test taken :

                  In Pakistan the students  consider M.B.B.S and B.D.S as their ultimate choice. This gives rise to tremendous amount of competition. As the no. of seats is limited, almost 3000 ( the no. increases each year). It became necessary for the government to Choose best students for admission on these limited no. of seats.
                  But question arises why the F.Sc marks are not considered as the only criteria for admission?
The answer is pretty controversial.
 According to some personals of UHS and Medical institutes the chief reason is the low standard of the F.Sc Exams. (Although students might not agree with it).
2nd reason we found was that due to high competition UHS wanted to give seats to those students only which had high I.Q level and were better in Understanding things in a better way rather then cramping the text books.
              So always try to develop a high in sight of the subject you study. It will be very beneficial for you in entry test exam. 

Syllabus Of MCAT UHS 2012:

             In 2011 UHS  Introduced a new trend. Instead of taking entry test from whole book they introduced specific syllabus. It consisted of only the basics required for a medical degree.
So as far as majority thinks it made MCAT a bit easier. 
                      Now most of you will be eager to know about Syllabus of MCAT 2012.

 So the latest news is UHS has not announced Syllabus of MCAT 2012. 

But there are rumors  that the syllabus for MCAT 2012 will be same. As far as we think UHS will not change the Syllabus much if changes at all. So 2011 Syllabus should  be followed and one thing more, always try to have a complete grip over your textbooks as to cover up this syllabus a knowledge of complete book is necessary

            Date of Entry Test

               As far as date of Entry Test is concerned. UHS takes Entry Test in July or September each year. Nobody can be exact as UHS has not given any date sheet of Test. So be ready as early as possible. Get your books and start preparing after F.Sc exams.

Updated article is available here. Update


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  2. 50% mcat n 50% F.Sc policy hs been gvn by uhs published in Dawn newzpaper 1.5 weeks ago.

  3. no it will be easy............

  4. u can check it 4m Dawn.

  5. I do not know Last year a lot of rumors went around in newspapers about date of Mcat. This year I hope Entry Test will be held in September it will give time to all of you.
    We will update as soon as we get news about it from a more reliable source.
    Join our Blog and also recommend your friends as well we are here to help you.

    suggestions are welcomed.

    1. yes it will be in september but any more info please

  6. please if anybody can tell the syllabus predicted by uhs

  7. please show the syllabus and date for entrance test as soon as possible.........:(

    1. Syllabus is announced available at www.uhs.edu.pk and also in this post
      new post http://medicalentrytest.blogspot.com/2012/05/syllabus-of-mcat-2012.html

  8. the syllabs is available at www.uhs.edu.pk

  9. plz tell me cn4m date for entrytest 2012


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