Biology MCQs

Biology  MCQS

1. which of the following plants is rich in atropine drug
a. datura
b. red pepper
c. petunia
d. nicotiana tobacum

2. how many carbon atoms are there in a molecule  of Ribulose biphospahte?
a. three
b. four

c. five
d. six

3. which one of the following is an ornamental plant?
a. physalis
b. melangena
c. atropa
d. petunia
4. plant donot store carbohydrates as glucose because it is
a. attracts insect herbivores
b. dissolves in water thereby altering the osmotic balance
c. is an unstable molecule
d. would replace ribose in DNA replication
5. which of the following organisms are involed in the spreading of cholera and hepatitis?
a. house fly
b. mosquito
c. tse tse
d. locust
6. which one is not true for grade radiate?
a. radially symmetry
b. diploblastic
c. coelomate

d. body with single opening
7. which one of the following round worm is cosmopolitan?
a. hook worm
b. pin worm
c. thread worm
d. fillaria
8. taenia  is an endoparasite of human cattle and pig that completes its life cycle in two hosts the intermediate host is the
a. snail
b.sheep & man
c. sheep
d. pig & cattle

9. which one of the following groups of animals are acoclomste?
a. nematode
b. flat worms
c. cnidarians
d. aschelminthes
10. the genus rabditis contains "enterobius  vermicularis" which is commonly known as

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  1. q k answer to deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. c,d,?,a,d,b,d,b,a,c,d,b,c,a,a(may be),?,b,c,d,c(may be),a,c,b(may be),d,a,d

  3. plz post mcqs of other chp mainly about HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY.


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