Syllabus Of MCAT 2012

All Those anxiously waiting for Syllabus of MCAT 2012. The news for you is "The Syllabus of MCAT 2012 has been announced".

  Syllabus of MCAT 2012:

This post is to confirm what we told you almost a month ago in our earlier post Syllabus of Mcat Uhs 2012.

That the UHS is not going to change the syllabus for MCAT 2012. It is confirmed by the fact that the syllabus announced for MCAT 2012 is same as for the last year. So those who prepared that syllabus should be happy to hear it and good for repeaters as well.

Aptitude Is not Included in MCAT 2012:

As last year, the UHS has decided to take a aptitude test only for feed back purpose and it is not going to effect the performance of candidate for sure. So it is Double feast for all Premedical students. Enjoy!! You can download Syllabus OF MCAT 2012 from the link above


  1. Sir what is meant by terminal oxidation plzzzz sir explain it i will be vry thank ful
    Your student Mr:M.ILYAS KHAN

  2. Sir jab bhi may internet kultha ho tho firstly may aap ka website khultha ho is gharz say k koi new and unique MCQS milay mujhy so a vry vry lot of thanks .BUT give the answer to my question sir that i have posted 5 mints before.i am a student of F.sc.sirf meray 1st year k paper khatam hogaiy.practicals baqee hay

  3. thanks Ilyas Bro,

    ap yahan se b MCQs le sktae ho , http://www.entrytest.org yahan hr roz new MCQs post hotae hain , and I am there as well,

  4. Terminal Oxidation means , oxidation at the terminal carbon atom,


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