Time Management in MCAT

To achieve high scores in MCAT and to manage getting into a well-known Medical Institute, is the dream of every student of F.Sc. (Pre-medical). In previous times, all the exams were alike; comprising of 10 extensive questions and the candidates were supposed to attempt any 5 or 6 of them while all the questions carry equal marks to make a total of 100. But, now a days, the trend is not like that. The exams are now in the form of short questions and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). However, the issue of Time Management is not resolved by the students till now.

MCAT is the most important exams in our country and it is solely based on MCQs. There are 220 questions in total and each question is needed to be attempt as there is negative marking for every wrong question. To attempt 220 MCQs in 150 minutes is not a child’s play and it need proper preparation and nervous stabilization throughout the exam period.
The question is how to manage time in MCAT? The answer is simple. To practice as much as one can before taking the actual exam. I must add the MCAT preparation academies factor that those academies are running for profit and just as a business by the owners, however, what those academies deliver is the proper time management by taking a lot of tests and practicing in a well-controlled manner.

There are special online academies and test classes which ensure the students are capable of taking 220 MCQs in a time span of 150 minutes. Entry Test Class is one of such online academies. Students can take free exams available and then register themselves if they find it useful for them as individuals. There are many test samples available with a clock running with them tracking the time taken by them for each test and in this way the students can control their time management issue faced in the Final MCAT.

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