Revision for MCAT in Last 15 Days


Medical College Admission Test – A test which is the most important test in about all the countries like Pakistan.

In Pakistan, MCAT is conducted in August-September each year while the F.Sc. Part II exams are held in May. All the students and relevant staff is aware of the fact, however, it would be surprising for the new people that the students starts preparing for the test even before the F.Sc. exams. It is also surprising that some academies starts MCAT classes even before the conduct of regular F.Sc. exams. It is surprising as well as alarming for the concerned authorities and the students themselves.

MCAT is not such a test like it is considered in our country and the conception of people is too wrong about MCAT. The parents and the students think that the MCAT is the only exam which would decide the future of their children. This is the main reason that the students are so cautious about the test and the preparation phase. And this is the reason behind they start preparing for it even during the regular classes and the academies also start conducting special classes.

Now, we talk about the most important phase before the actual test which is the last 15 days before the MCAT date. The struggle of every student is to revise the Whole books and the course before the test, however, this is not the case with every student that s/he completes it. It is also not wrong to say that revising the whole course in just 15 days is not possible. However, what I suggest about it is that every student should revise the course at least 3-4 times before the last phase. And then in the last 15 days, it would be very easy to revise the whole course at least two times. Also, the revision should not be like cramming the important text but one must revise the notes made by him/her in these last days.

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