Procedure of Entry test Result and Admissions

Result of Entry Test :

 After giving the test many of you would be wondering about what is the procedure of Admission when result  of entry test will be announced and a lot of things like that so let me tell you a bit about it.

Announcement of key:

After you come home after doing  the test, Hope you will be happy.
The same day a key will be announced by the University like UET for ECAT or UHS for MCAT.
Inshallah We will update you with the key as soon as it is announced so you can subscribe us
 Or you can also get it from the university website as well  UHS Lahore
Check your marks from it and you will get an estimate of your marks.
In 99% cases your marks will be the same as you calculated with an occasional difference of 5 to 10 marks.
But what will you do if the difference is much
bigger. Last year UHS permitted rechecking  papers (I don't know they will allow it this year or not) but it is worth giving a shot to t get your paper remarked.

Official  Result Announcement :

The official result arrives after 1 or 2 weeks. It will be available at UHS and UET websites.
After that you submit applications for admission are received.
Engineering students submit application in each university they want to apply. While medical students are only supposed to give one application with priority to college they want to get admission in.

After that merit list is displayed. We will try to update you with all the latest development about admissions and merit lists

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