Biology Virus and Bacteria

Virus and Bacteria

1. Viral genes are made of
a. RNA only
b. DNA only
c. Either DNA or RNA
d. Either protein or nucleic acid

2. A virion is a
a. Virus
b. Viral ribosome

c. Viral lysosomes
d. Viral gene

3. An isolated virus is not considered living since it
a. Separates into tw inerts part
b. Cannot metabolize
c.  Rapidly loses its genome
d. Is coated with air-tight , chemically inert sheild

4. Most RNA viruses carry a gene for an enzyme that uses viral RNA as template in the synthesis of more viral RNA this enzyme is
a. Reverse transcriptase
b. RNA polymerase

c. Viral nuclease
d. RNA replicase

5. The enzymes involved in viral replication are synthesized
a. On the viral ribosome
b. By the host cell
c. On the interior surface of the viral membrane
d. On the interior surface of the viral coat

6. Much of the research on gene expression has been done with E.coli, which inhibits the human intestine.This organism is a
a. Plasmid
b. Virus
c. Bacterium
d. Protozoan

7. In general bacterial genes are regulated at the time of
a. Transcription
b. Post-transcription
c. Translation
d. Cojugation

8. When DNA is exchanged via eytoplasmic bridges between two bacteria the process is called
a. Transduction
b. Conjugation
c. Transformation
d. Recombination

9. When a bacteriophage in its lytic phase  carries some of the bacterium's partially digested chromosome with it to another host cell the process is called
a. Conjugation
b. Transformation
c. Transduction
d. Restricted transduction

10. A bacteriophage with a lysogenic cycle must have genes that are
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