What to know before applying in a Medical School?

These days education is not cheap. Making a decision for where you want to do your medical degree can be a difficult task,  in last post I gave you a list of Top Medical Schools in America for 2014 (opens in a new tab).   Today  I would be telling you about making a decision about Medical school and what should be the criteria.

Your American Dream

Yesterday I read about the American dream and how it leads people to earn enough money to send their children in expensive colleges. Medical Schools are no doubt some of the most expensive institutes. So think twice before dreaming about your favorite medical school. I mean if you can't pay HMS not to think about it unless you have hopes of getting an HMS or non HMS scholarship.

Your  Abilities are your limitations

You think you are an intelligent student so you would be, but  Medical is not an easy degree to get. Think twice before choosing it, Because MCAT is going to take a lot out of you. If your MCAT score is not good no Medical school is going to enroll you. So you got to see inside you and then aim for the Maximum.

Always aim for the Best, yeah true but the one you can get. All those ratings and stuff should be in your mind.

So you know your aim what next

Now study if your aim is in front of you, you will have to get there. There is no way back now, once you have decided not to try to shy of. For example you decide about world's Best Medical School Harvard. Make it your passion your childhood dream (even if you never heard of Harvard in childhood). The first and last thing you want on earth is a medical seat in Harvard.

The hard work will pay off

The hard work will pay off, If you worked hard you will reach somewhere you will get there if you believed in yourself.

Because sometimes we have to believe in ourselves to get what we want to achieve.


  1. Wat do i need to get enrolled in an american medical school? Like Documents, Educational background etc??

  2. Hi you will need to give SAT Exam if your qualification is not from an American High School, After that you will apply for a college course in america. then you will be allowed to appear in MCAT America,

    You are ready to go, it is not easy to get in medical school but it is worth the effort. Also you will have to arrange loan for paying fee of American Medical Schools.

    For more information go here



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