Top Medical Schools in America 2014

You are doing your High Schools, A Levels or any Intermediate degree and you want to be in a medical school this year. Today I will give you a list of Top Medical Schools for 2014 admissions.
After reading The Wrong Ranking by US NEWS I am trying to give you an accurate ranking which will help you decide for your Up coming degree Program. The estimated expenditure is Also given so you can plan effectively for  your medical degree.
So get a quick Look on  Top Medical Schools in America 2014 after that I will explain some of the Best choices.

Top Medical Schools in America 2014

Name of School Location Expenses for Degree

Harvard Medical School  (HMS)

Boston, Massachusetts 49,875  U$D

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Baltimore, Maryland 44,100 U$D

University of California School of Medicine

San Fransico , California 31, 134 U$D

David Geffen School of Medicine

Los Angles California 31,134  U$D

Perelman School of Medicine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $47,090

Pritzker School of Medicine

Chicago, Illinois $44,075

UW school of Medicine

Seattle Washington $27,190

University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Chapel Hill, North Carolina $16,028

Wash U School of Medicine

St. Louis, Missouri $52,020

Stanford School of Medicine

Stanford, California $47,343

Medical School with Highest reputation

When It comes to having a Medical degree the reputation matters and there should be no doubt in Selecting Harvard if you have some 50,000 USD for paying the annual dues. And of course

even you are fooled for a Degree you are fooled by none other than Harvard itself and Harvard is No. 1 Medical School of America and of the world.

The economical choice for 2014

If you don’t have 50,000 bucks to spend , don’t worry there are choices among top 10 much cheaper than that. The Cheapest Medical Degree you can get from UN  Medical School, University of North Carolina  for only  16,028 $. Still it is Ranked 8th in The list.

Low MCAT scores with low fees

if your MCAT score is not good and you are low on fee then University of Washington Medical school ,Seattle, Washington is best for you. Only 31.0 is required in MCAT and fee is about 27000 USD which is very reasonable.
My Dream so what is yours?
I am a fan of Harvard and it is my dream to do even a one month elective in it , After giving you all Information I would definitely like to know about your dream medical school, leave a comment.

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