Salaries of Physicians and Doctors in America

I wrote about 5 reasons why you should be doing a medical degree in America, I just mentioned about the scarcity of Physicians in America and why it is going to be good for you to be a doctor after all. Today I have a bad news and a good news, let's see the good news first

Physician's Annual Salary in America

Today I just ran into Indeed.com, It is a very badly designed website but for a really Good Purpose. You can get Annual Salaries of Any Profession anywhere in America, Plus you can search for Jobs and it only includes results from good Job websites so actually  in a way a little bit easier and better.


I quickly come back to the point, so I just made a quick Search for annual salaries of different Professions.

Here are the results I got Hope you Find it interesting
  1. Engineers  87000 $ on average.
  2. Web Developers 880000 on Average
  3. People related to business like Managers etc.  About 63000$
And these averages keep on varying like Business people were really hitting the bottom in the days of recession. So the Question I want to answer is what was the average salary of a physician in the USA.

Well Physicians get much more than all Professions I mentioned about 91000$.
The more interesting part of the research was the salaries of Physicians in different specialties which were much higher than this
Thos salaries are much better than any other Profession in America. Now what was the bad news, I wanted to warn you about

Don't be just a Doctor

I did a search for Doctors as well and it was not very appealing for me. Annual Salary of a doctor has been  just 70000$ which is ok but 25% lesser than a Physician so the conclusion is very simple.

Physicians are made much higher than Doctors. Yeah it is time to get ready for your specialization in Medicine. 

Photo Credits Alex Proimos

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