Students are Blessed in Pakistan

We living in Pakistan don't often realize how blessed we are , what good things we have. We always think of west as a paradise. Everyone wishes to be reading in Europe or America. Life is not as simple in West as it is here.

we are blessed
Let me just tell you about the conversation I had with one of my friends in Netherlands, after that I will tell are we really Blessed and why !!!

I was talking to my friend Hank. Of course Hank knows I am a medical student
I told him how I am trying to build a community for students and do online jobs for funding my community projects beside the study. He said

 Him :"So then? I am living in a country where every student does job to pay loans."

Me:  Loans why they take loans?  

 Him : To fund their studies....

We are blessed as We are We not [ I ]

You would have never worried about paying your hostel dues, or paying your medical college fee. From where I am going to pay my dues? that'q the question every American student deals with. I will have to earn them.

We get the money when we need it and that is because of our parents though they take something from as they paid for it, as I mention later

So we are blessed as we are not alone, we have a family to support us. They pay our dues , they are really the Angels for us. They save us from taking loans, and then doing jobs to pay them.

Studies are not difficult in Pakistan even universities in Government sector take a very small fee as compared to West. Though standards are very low but yet after 5 years I will be getting a medical degree only for One Lac rupees. That is one tenth of what I would have paid in America. 

Do we value our Blessings? 

Have you ever valued this that last time you needed a phone you got it, You needed a book and your parents afforded that book for you. Have you ever said thanks to your parents wait but you might not have to, they take something for all their money. 

What Parents take from us?

 You would be thinking My parents are doing so much for me for nothing. well that is not true. They do take a lot of things from you. First and most Important one is "CHOICE"

There are two forms in which parents do it, The Orderer or The Groomer . The second one is harder to understand. Parents don't ever let you think what I can do or what I want to do . They will always tell you what you are going to be. 

Photo credits : Nadine

They will groom you to select what they want you to be ! Sad but true. 

And when Time comes and you are about to make a decision  and if at all you are given a chance to make a decision yourself.  You find yourself confused as you don't know what to do. You were never allowed to  asked yourself  What I can do.? what I want to do?  So you find your self doing a medical degree with a camera in hand.


we are blessed because we have lesser worries. We have the money but we lost the freedom. The post was not about choosing your life partner thought parents use the same strategy.

However parents should play a rule in both these matters. Even the New Zealand govt. (see suggested readings) wants parents to play a role in their child's career but that should be only supportive not Authoritative. 


  1. zabrdst waqar bhai ths z so useful infrmation 4 us.......................
    as it hlp me in many diffrnt ways or in slectng somthng which so benefacial 4 me in selectng our carrer nd our goals to life................


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