5 reasons to do a Medical Degree in America

The Upcoming age is not going to be of Doctors for sure, People are severely affected by the World recession and Health Insurance companies felt that too. It is never good if you are physician in current scenario. Old days are gone, now Health funds are questioned, each medicine you prescribe is going to cost Insurance company. So they are going to ask Questions.. Yet it is not a bad idea to get a Medical Degree in America. Here are 5 reasons plus one extra

Service with Money

There are fields like Computer Sciences and Engineering where you can get big salaries. When you think about doing a medical degree rewards might not be that great in terms of money but the satisfaction of serving people is of great value. And you get money for serving people, for saving their lives.

Respect Is Still in Practice

Many fields lost their respect as they turned into a business from service, You can think of Lawyers  ;-)
But Doctors are still the most respected members of society as they are regarded as an Elite class that saves lives of people.

There are lesser Physicians in America

There are a lot of Medical Schools in America, So many people graduate  with a medical degree in hand. Still Demand of Physicians never ends. The reason is most people doing a Medical Degree prefer to go into research so there are still lesser doctors at Hospital despite a lot of people graduating each year.

Old is Gold

You would have heard this Olds are being Gold. It is so true if you are in the Medical Profession. The older you are, the more you are paid. The  more respected you would and definitely on a higher post.

Your future is secure

No matter whatever happens doctors are never going to be out of jobs. People get sick no matter whatever happens and Govt. is always going to need doctors to treat them.

One Extra Reason to be a Doctor

So here is one extra reason to be a doctor, that is YOU. You are reading this because you want to be a doctor and you are finding reasons to be doctored. Think about it  " Is getting a medical degree, is the thing you want?"

If yes then you should get into a medical school, and start Preparing for MCAT.

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