New Direction How the hell a magazine will help entry test students ?

Lets be Honest today, you have read a lot of sense and non sense  about a magzine New Direction. which is being launched on this Friday, I wrote an article on Career guidance for it. I was wondering how a magazine will help intermediate students ?

I mean intermediate students too busy in studies all the time aren't you ?  why give some time reading an education magazine. and It is the first of its kind , New Direction is pakistan's first education magazine written for students by students.

Yes doctors and engineers from Best intitutes of Pakistan have written this magazine who are reading in Best intitutes of Pakistan , like King Edward Lahore (ok it is me and my juniors ), from Nust (Hassan and his juniors, from AIMC, UET , FJ and other major institues in Pakistan.

Then today I read some of the articles of mag, well I haven't became the fan of writing skills when I read a  book a mag , what I see is how much this is going to benefit me. when you see new direction in this prespective, the reality is it is going to help you but if you are a fan of writting skills then you wouldn't find them.

we have written New direction with keeping you in mind, what will benefit you? in what way you will understand this ?

career guidance do you need it helpful for you?  do you need the Guideline to be in NUST ? do you need guideline for Agha Khan ? guidelines for MCAT?

The logical answer was yes our members need it, so we came to conclusion a magazine will fullfil all these needs which blog alone can't. Magazine will have many articles right in your hand and none of them have been written on any of our blogs before. I am not a sales man of  new direction and it is not my duty , I am author and I have written my article though magazine is worth 200, this is my logical answer to the above question.

There are limited no of Copies available for in this Publish, you can get yours via the button above ,


  1. plz i need few tips how 2 prepare for uhs entry test???????

  2. yes sure , I will try to get someone for you and the magazine will contain such tips,

  3. Hi...want to know how to manage time for each subject daily

  4. Plz tell me im very nervous for e.t......how can i prepare myself fully????? Some tips????

  5. First thing is stop getting nervous, this will not help in anyway.

    Close your eyes and mind (so you don't get interupted) and ask yourself why you want to do it ?

    Then motivate yourself,

    Tell me your Marks in F.Sc ?

  6. I have got 945 marks in F.sc..... Plz help..

  7. I have given e.t last year but can't get through it...:( this year im nervous again....i dont want that same thing happen to me again....


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