Why students fail in entry test? 5 mistakes you should avoid

There are 80000 students attempting entry test each year and 3200 are going to be selected, though failure for some is inevitable, Today I want to tell you about five common mistakes students so while they attempt for the test, If you avoid these you would get a much more better chance of getting good scores in upcoming MCAT

I have been helping students for more than an year now, I have talked to thousands of students, I  get Questions from them on e-mails, facebook, entry test class. How we can we score well in upcoming ECAT, MCAT and NET ? what should we do to get good marks? Today I want to give you 5 things to remember.

Never Read the Books

Yes never read the Books, full of thousands of MCQs. I still remember when I gave my test two years back I hardly read a book like that. Cramping questions is never going to work. You should have thorough understanding of your proper Course Books. Through out your preparation they are going to give you good understanding of subject.

Keep your fears at home,

You are hear to fight, you are hear to succeed, Imagine a solider out with fear of dying, he will die on first step.So It is better to keep all your fears at home, while you even think about giving a  university admission test such as MCAT.

Sleep well and eat well

Jokes a part but I have seen fools which just read like, they live to read, though you should read to live. There is no need of anything extra then proper day to day work. Though last 20 days are not included in that. Properly rested mind is more prepared to grasp hard concepts.

Don't run like fools

When I attempted the Test I just floated all the time, from one academy to the other, from one test session to the next,and at the end I just sat home for 20 days, never went anywhere and probably today I am in K.E because of those 20 days, though My Lord always helped me through out.

Al-Ta-Pete ( Aim High)

Al-ta-pete is the Tag line of my university (KEMU Lahore) . I come to know that on my first day in K.E. I am telling you this now, Always remember this Al-Ta-Pete Aim as high as you can. Look for a 92% and you will end up in K.E, if it goes right and if it doesn't you will end up 87% that will certainly guarantee you a seat.

Final Words

Entry test is not as difficult as its fear makes it. Getting out of this fear and concentrating on your Course books will help you out. and finally take a quote from me

Keep your aims as high as the last mountain you saw.
looking forward to hear some more tips in comment box,


  1. mein ne koi bhi academy joined nahi ki mein sab preparation entrytest.org general knowledge aur fsc ki books se kr rahi hun kia fsc ki books mein se sab kuch karna hai kuch bhi nhi leave karna kia mein succes ho joan gi plz tell me i am so worried plz help me and reply

  2. hmmmmm... really nice..!

  3. brother plzzzzz give me some tips for normal study during fs.c pre med now i,m n first year .is it helpfull to give mcat tests on net in laisure hours?also refer me sme good books which can help me in mcat

  4. Hey'

    You are in First Year I will love to post about it on my new Blog which is going to be launched soon

  5. sir...
    what should i do so that i got 180 marks in nust ...?? i have 930 marks in fsc

  6. aitzaz welcome to Blog firstly , You should work hard,

    Concentrate on Books , also we are making a new resource for you people http://www.entrytestclass.com

    I am very hopeful this will help you a lot

  7. Muhammad Bilal14 May 2014 at 07:12

    Sir, Assalam o Alaikum, i have got 947 marks in Fsc & 93% in matric. How much should i score in NET-3 to get admission in BDS?

  8. You should try to score maximum, There is no surety at any merit as it changes so much these days

  9. hey I just finished my A levels and I'm looking forward for MBBS
    to be honest I didn't scored that good in O levels and I'll have my A level results in August 2014 I have worked really hard through out A levels.
    Can you please guide me further which can help me in MCAT and by which I can score good :)
    *really worried*

  10. Hey,
    So yeah iam that student who applied for mcat for last to years. On failing helplesly both times joined a uni. But the freaking mind wont study bipolar personality disorder or the freaking two brain theory. All i could think was physio biochem anatomy and blah blah blah. (Specially after seeing status of my gonna be a dr n than mrs dr friends) so ask a loser how to lose right? So yeah common mistake academies, stay at home and study seriously guys study. Start a bit early.... like now!! Plz forget that damned fsc... its a gonner... past peeps!! Than yeah eat sleep pray.... Have concepts not crams..... Be a 101percent aimer... smile and release stress... dont get overly obsessed... and turn off that lappy of urs for sakes!!! Cheerix n BOL u will need it!!!

  11. N may be u should try some of those mcqs n fake tests... for practice... meh... ur choice

  12. It was great to hear about your experience, I completely agree with you.

  13. Fatima Shafique23 May 2014 at 12:28

    firstly, i want to appreciate this blog to give informative tips and also want to share that i also going to give mcat year again because of my fully interest .
    secondly, what would you suggest about the academies which are offering to prepare for mcat but as based on my last year experience, they just care about earning their bussiness without giving proper guideline ?

  14. Hey. I scored 959 in Mcat last year but due to my less marks in fsc, I'm repeating. Hopefully, this time I'm not only going to get good marks in Part 1 (repeated part 1) but highest score in Mcat too. Who knows the topper of Mcat might be a repeater this year. Ps. My chem exam is two days away.

  15. Sorry but iam not such a firm believer of 20 days prior theory.... or may be we grls work on a cmpletely diff dimension..... but wat ever i believe et preparation should start 2 mnths prior.... jxt tids n bits .... easy n steady.... nothing hard or fast...

  16. I agree, but 20 days are like last dash at end of marathon. I hope now you got my point.

  17. why aren't academies good for preparation?

  18. Depends on person to person , and how well you have prepared in F.Sc

  19. Rikudo Rain Uchiha1 July 2014 at 15:55

    This blog is golden *__*
    I'm an A Levels student and I've scored well on my O Levels and AS result (5A* 3As 2Bs in OLevels making 86% equivalence and 4As 1B in AS Level)
    I've joined an academy for preparation though but I sometimes I feel that the test is too much in favor of FSc. Is revising FSc books the only way to score well?

  20. Hello , I'm an fsc student. I've scored well in fsc and know the course books. I want to tell you that MCAT is not in the favour of anyone. You only feel this because fsc students are in majority at most academies therefore the course is taught from our textbooks. You have all the concepts available in your book and consult the syllabus and fsc books when you need to. There is no need to be confused

  21. I gave MCAT this year but sadly couldn't score much. I secured 973 in F.Sc without attending any academy and thought that i would make through MCAT as well. But i couldnt complete my test in the stipulated time.. Left so many questions. I'm so confused now! Completely shocked and baffled! What should i do this year? Join an academy for time management?

  22. Assalam u alaikum sir ,
    I am currently a 2nd year student(F.sc) and I am always hearing from everyone tht read ur text books fo mcat but I am a little bit confused as how to read themshould v just read them thouroughly or should v completely learn them which obviously v can't do so I request u to plz guide me as to how to read the text books for mcat ?THANK YOU

  23. Assalam o Alaikum ! I would like to know that which book of biology will be considered for the 2015 UHS test .i am confused because Federal board is using The National Book Foundation one's and rest of the boards are using the old ones i-e Punjab Text Book Board....

  24. i hv to give entry test this year ........... so plz help me regarding this


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