Entry Test Result

Firstly I know when I am writing this all of you are busy in attempting your test so I really pray you do well today, and when you would be reading this out you would be eagerly waiting for entry test result key to come out, so you can see your marks,

But it is more obvious then you think when I came back after giving my test I was like the test was so easy that everyone will get an admission, of course I was wrong. I am not bragging my self but I  ended up in K.E that was fine,

Today It is your day I wonder if someone coming back can tell the result before key comes out, I also want to know How was the test easy or difficult, leave me some of your thoughts in comment box , I would really appreciate that.

Once again my prayer are with you and I will update this post with entry test key so you can see your results, don't forget to tell me How was the test easy or difficult,

UHS MCAT 2013 key

click the image to see full size


  1. my agregat iz 81.234%. can i apply in PMC and sgd mdcl clg.plzzzzzzzzzzzz bta den

  2. Yes I think you can apply, but private main e ho skta he I think

  3. Em in 1st year n wanna perform my best.can u guide me that how I should prepare?.????

  4. waqar can u guide me i want to take entrance

  5. my aggregate iz 88.9544. is there chance of my admission in any governement medical college? please tell me . me so tensed.

  6. waqar please reply.


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