Can You answer some Questions and WIN

Every other day I am asked, why don't have answers for some MCQs here, I tried my best with my friend to create this resource for all entry test students, Even after years have passed still there are thousands of students getting benefit from each other, moreover I gave the people a way to help and interest to make things better for all those who were suffering the burden of test
And you can see the products which came up,  There is a freedom

 I have given to every speech, a plenty of other people started blogging to help people out, one of my friends has a very good blog going.

All I wanted from you to know that if you feel you can do it, You will make it,

There are plenty of things we lacked at that time, much can be explained No Knowledge of web, and Now when I have all the knowledge of the web, I don't remember much of FSC and Entry Test,

Can You Win

When I started this blog after that I have hundreds and thousands of followers, when people say a simple thank you it means a lot to me, Though I want to give you something, I want to give you this Blog and platform. 

The whole of it, You can take its control. Post some new MCQs , Answer the old ones, update some news. What would you get? 

One Word explains it all , I am in K.E because of this, I passed my first Prof because of my students? I always got hundreds of Best of Luck and prayers before every VIVA exam, 

We help people to give them comfort and what they give you in return is priceless a sincere prayer. 

It is all yours Now, Contact me with comments, and this blog would be yours to spread what I started years ago.


  1. help me to pepare for my entry test which is gonna hel in july 6....!!!

  2. how can i prepare my entry test...????

  3. Can i appear in kmdc test again , i have passed intre in 2012???


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