Entry Test Survey Result

Last time we conducted a survey about Entry test , should it be taken or not. Let me discuss the results with you.

Entry Test Survey

We created a poll on website for students to vote in favor of entry test or against it. Poll remained open for 40 days. Total 116 votes were cast, out of these 91 were in favor of Entry test and 25 were against it. 
So a total 80% students are in favor of entry Test.


Although the result of the survey is quite obvious but we think that it is never complete. As 3G is not launched in Pakistan yet, So we expect that most of the students taking part in survey belong to cities not from secondary schools of villages, and as expected the survey result was in favor of test.

This months survey

As you can see we have asked another question from our readers. Should aptitude be included in this year's Test. I hope all of you will take part in this survey. We will share the results next month.

Why Entry Test

I want to ask you people, Why Entry Test is so important, and How you compare Entry test with board exams? Leave your views in comments.

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