Syllabus and Date of UHS Medical Entry Test 2013

UHS Medical Entry Test 2013 : 

Last year we started helping students in Entry Test studies , This year we tend to do it again , with a new spirit, so let us start with some important aspects of Medical Entry test 2013, 

Syllabus and Date : 

First of all the Question arises would syllabus be changing, Well the Answer to this Question is really simple one , Is syllabus of Entry Test going to change or not? Well there is very less chance of the syllabus being changed , As we mentioned last year that the syllabus has been made such a way that most of the Topics of MBBS are covered in the syllabus so there is a very faint chance of UHS changing Entry Test syllabus, Instead  I believe they might review some of the MCQ distribution. 

When it comes to date of entry test,
Predicting something is really difficult. UHS takes the test at various times and is as unpredictable as Roman Wars.  Usually Test is taken in July or September, So it might remain same for this year.

SO be prepared for the Test in time, Just start preparing after F.Sc Exams. The earlier you start the better it is though that wasn't true for me.

If I get any leak from UHS or some other resource about syllabus and date , I will update you about it.


  1. thanks alot for this information

  2. should we prepare from fsc text books?

  3. plz mention date and sylabus as soon as posible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. aggregate ratio will b same as last year or not?

  5. plz tel me about et syllabus and how to prepare english

  6. syllabus is announced see my latest post

  7. I think aggregate would be the same as it was last year.

  8. whats nust entry test syllabus


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