3G Launch in Pakistan and Its effects on education

Launch of 3G in Pakistan

We are waiting since a long time to get 3G bands launched in Pakistan. After Launch of 3G the mobile companies would be offering much faster internet for users. Not only mobiles but doddle devices of companies would be a fast and reliable internet connection for most people.

Internet for everyone

The best part of 3G technology is that it will take away the barriers from internet.
These days internet is only available in cities but with 3G launch it would be available in all villages or even in slums without any discrimination.

I still remember who much would have been benefited if I would had internet in my village, I still remember despite knowing all basics of computer at the age of 7 , I knew nothing about internet.
So for me blogging and website was never a option at that time, and after my first interaction with internet I got immersed in websites and blogs within a month or so and you are reading one of my first and one of my most successful blogs.

Effect of 3G on Education

 The education for all is our government's aim and I say give internet to everyone. Education will make its way much faster than you expect. Like the launch of entry test class.
There would be more websites coming up particularly designed for the students of Pakistan, and of course the web is already filled up with educational resources and who doesn't know Wikipedia

 Non-formal Education

With 3G making its way in Pakistan, I am very sure it would be promoting people to go in fields very unique and to go beyond formal education system and job minds.
That will definitely boost the point of view of muhammad and we would be seeing more people going in such creative fields instead of regular study-job game.
Overall I can say 3G is a ray of hope for formal as well as non formal education, Government is still not able to get it all done and there are continuous delays halting its way.

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  1. It will help slums only if its cheap and the cell phones that can use it are also cheap...otherwise, telecom sector will reap all the benefits..


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