I have been looking around some of the readers coming from USA here , In search of MCAT materials and it lead me to research the topic of USA MCAT a bit, and see what kind of questions are there and How it differs from MCAT of other countries.

Why MCAT by AAMC? :

AAMC stands for Associate of American Medical colleges. MCAT by AAMC is the standard Pre-Medical Admission test that is preliminary for the students seeking admissions in American Medical Schools. 

The list is never ending and when it comes to Harvard Medical School , Thanks to my conversation with Colin Janson from HMS admission Department, It came to know the procedure of Admission in HMS. MCAT by AAMC is mandatory there as well.

MCAT by AAMC Syllabus : 

I went through the syllabus of MCAT , and it is very much the same syllabus as in other countries including Pakistan and India.  Here is  Syllabus MCAT USA. So where does the difference lies , I was wondering about the question till I attempted the E-MCAT paper on the official website.

E-MCAT Programme :

The E-MCAT programme is to make students familiar with the procedure of test, So they don't feel perplexed on test day. I went through the Test Quickly and saw some of the Questions around and At once realized that the difference is not in syllabus but the QUESTIONS make it count.

To give you a look what I saw , 

There were scenario based Questions of chemistry experiments , though I was able to solve most of them. But I think they played with my a lot. While in MCAT Pakistan there is nothing like this, 

There are straight Question and answer session from TEXT BOOK. So that's not a real MCAT in my eyes so No reasons you get the merit so High.

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