www.uhs.edu.pk Playing with future of students

UHS LahoreI am amazed with what www.uhs.edu.pk is doing with all undergraduate students, they don't provide sufficient regular updates and it causes a lot of trouble like what happened yesterday,

Late announcement of Merit List :

merit list
the 2012 session was announced, and you know at what time 6 PM troubling everyone out, and even News Channels announced the merit a lot earlier. UHS should improve in other aspects too, Let's see some of these....

Late Admissions : 

UHS takes entry test in September and announces merit list in Novemeber. All students on margin can't decide whether they should go for other Universities or private medical colleges. It is really hurting when you realize that you haven't got admission this year and it paralysis you badly when you think that you can't get admission into Private sector.

Changing policies :

For past three years we see UHS is changing, its policies quite frequently, They are not able to decide whether they should take an aptitude test or not, and take a dummy test each year. They are not able to decide anything about the schedule and change it every year, The date of entry test varies from July to September it can be taken any time. Again disoriented,

Last words : 

At the end let me tell you what happen in the US, they have a well structured system university are bound to follow it. Private sector universities even Harvard Medical School follows it. They rarely change polcies and if they do , give a prior notice prior to it.


  1. U said rit... Uhs played with our futures... Even if combined merit list had been displayed, every student guessed about his medical admission... Late display of merit list ruined our future specially repeatrs...

  2. extremely rit ; u knw wht i was repeating this year n i was quite hopeful that i will get admission cz my eggregade was quite sufficient in view ov last year merit bt uhs raised merit this year and didn't give any vague idea about this year merit so i havn't applied in any other univrsity so i m again admissionless this year who is responsible for this?? u can't blame students for this.... poor performance by UHS

    1. Sorry to hear that, The system should be changed , they are doing wrong with students

  3. i think this is v.unfair to students. uhs has Hippocratic policies.
    1st) the division n percentage of marks is not reasonable n a big question mark on the credibility of BISE. in support of their decision, they give argument that students from far flung areas gain entrance on fsc marks by cheatng n approach. i want to ask, now what about enry test? it is conducted in many cities besides lahore. no one can say that it is 100% merit. secondly, is it fair to decide on 60% entrance marks while kicking aside F.Sc. many students having 980, 1000 marks fails 2 get addmission. i mean this is not done.

    2nd)they entertain students from periphery like muzzafargarh, layyah n dg khan not only on open merit but these students have a special quota seats of underdeveloped districts as well. if u see the statistics, 60 percent seats are occupied by them. if u tell me that intelligence has no boundaries then why uhs has given them quota? I'm not against these students, i am against uhs who has provided qouta. if they are too intelligent 2 get admission against most of the seats then they should compete on open merit only.

    UHS should seriously review its policies otherwise they will lose the intelligent minds. people will bear the outcome of this injustice when thakkar doctors will be prepared from the med colleges.

    1. I think Quota is there because there is no GCU in Layah , Muzafargarh , so what they say is that students from those regions have lesser facilities and students from lahore etc will not go there after becoming a doctor that's why UHS has given them Quota so thwy can have some doctors from there that can go back and serve there.

      While your point about BISE exams is valid, If they are not authentic then why they are taking them ?

      They are valid but Entry Test is now a necessary evil as student are inclined toward medical profession a lot, so without it merit would be above 90% I guess....

  4. entry test is an evil 4 students.acadmies r earning lac by this entry test .

  5. Yes, the policies are raising merit every year, UHS is not able to get a consistent policy about entry test , and more over their website www.uhs.edu.pk has never been updated on time ,

    So syllabus are announced late every year

  6. yes definately I agree with you

  7. can u tell me about thiss uni where is it bcz i want to apply to give test in this uni plzz tell me

  8. It is in Lahore Pakistan, and Test is held in September for all medical colleges of Punjab.

  9. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do tell me that can admission be frozen in uhs mbbs im in frst yr mbbs and i want to freeze my admiision due to some serious and domestic affairs plz

  10. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do tell me that can admission be frozen in uhs mbbs im in frst yr mbbs and i want to freeze my admiision due to some serious and domestic affairs plz


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