Memory Improvement and Understanding Memory building

Memory Improvement , Brain and memory
In this series of articles We are going to study some of the aspects of building a good memory with aspects like, How memory works ,types of memory and Tips to increase your memory , So let's start Today with memory and its types and some tips

Memory :

so actually what is memory , Memories are like a impressions on a canvas , it can fade away with time or can be there for years , all depends on colours you used to create it. So Now you know that actually the memory largely depends on How it was created, so let's see some types of memory after that we will see How we can improve our memory.

Types of Memory : 

You can classify the memory in many ways , according to time and use it can be divided into two type

1. Short Term Memory like remembering a Shopping list, while going out for shopping.
2. Long term Memory like things you remember for years , simplest example would be alphabets , you remember them almost from your first conscious thoughts.
For us the most important classification of memory is

1. Visual  Memory  This type is best understood like remembering a picture with best details or remembering diagrams with labelling.
2. Voice Memory : This kind of Memory is often used to remembers words, your teacher spoked in class

3. Permanent Memory : This type of Memory can be derived from above two memories and also from thinking, reasoning , reading etc. But It all depends on time and practice.

How brain stores memory :

Brain MRI

It is really a complex topic and plenty of research is going on it. It is believed that each and every memory is stored in the form of specialized proteins that specifically stimulate some part of the brain on particular stimulus from other parts thus they effectively store memories and then have a mechanism to remember them.
Other theories suggest that specialized pathways and synapses are built for storing the memory and action potentials are initiated in them on particular stimulus like seeing a Question. Probably there is a high chance of both being correct, and memory can be a outcome of both these factors.

Improving your Memory :

How to improve your memory , there are many ways to do this, It is all about integrating your visual and voice memories. With this background knowledge in a head let's see some tips about improving your Memory.

Mnemonics :

When you are supposed to learn something , learning it in the form of Mnemonics is always a good idea, particularly things that have no reasoning involved like learning a table. 

Effective use of visual memory :

When you will use your visual memory effectively, your ability to remember thing would be great , like you are reading a story , In this case mist of the people will get a picture associated with what they are reading. Try doing the same thing with Books , Yes it will look difficult in the beginning  but when you have learnt the art you will have a much greater grip on book.

Effective study :

What is meant by effective study , If you are studying something and you have all kind of thoughts going through your mind , It is not going to work. Effective study means getting your brain concentrated on study and that can be easily achieved , if you add a Voice. Try reading loud for sometime and after 3 or 4 minutes you brain would be completely concentrated toward study.

Reviews :

The One thing I don't like is that we forget if we don't review , Every person has a specific time after which he or she often starts forgetting things no matter how efficiently they memorized it. The Time period with in which you should review things differs from person to person and you should know when is the right time to do it.

I Think it is enough for now , you can subscribe for more of such topics in coming days. 


  1. apki sb posts excellent hain..in posts ne meri buhat zyada help ki hai..thanks for all ur assistance :)
    can i share ur posts???

    Thank you for all your assistance.
    Thank you for all your assistance.

  2. y i 4get things after 2 or 3 days? it always happen to me .plz give some tips.


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