ENTRY TEST the Hardest Test Ever

Entry TestI am asked a lot, Is Entry Test  tough or easy ?
Should we to concentrate on tough questions or should we prepare easy questions so let me tell you some points that I have learnt over the years with my experience and from feedback of older students.

What Is Tested by Entry Test :

Let me tell you first What actually they want to test by taking this Entry Test after FSc?
The answer looks pretty simple ,
They want to test your knowledge you have gained during the last 2 years, but that's not all they want to test.

For me Entry Test is a test of your confidence , your ability to plan , and after that your knowledge.
There is always a fear that some students experience and they become a victim of what I call "Test Phobia" , while they should be studying for their test they are often found thinking "What will happen if we failed to get through?"

I hope you are not going to be a victim of this , just start believing in yourself and you will stand a much better chance with your preparation, as I often say " Confidence is the thing I lack otherwise I am the Best one around :) " and each time I say it increases my confidence a bit.

That was the confidence part Now let's come to planing part , Why they test planning is a major component of any professional job you want to be in , either as a doctor or an Engineer. You will have to plan about your life , your profession , your future and in research there is much of planning then anything else.

But How in this world entry test tests your planning skills? It tests your planning skills in a no of ways for example How you manage your time for study , How you plan to prepare for test , Academy or Home? A lot of thinking involved with a lot of confusion and getting out of it is what we call planning.

OK Now last and the most Important  thing , What kind of Knowledge is tested ? Believe me there is nothing out of book , Whole paper comes from the book with some concepts being tested with what you can say " Whirls of Words " there is nothing else there , for pre-medical I would suggest, just concentrating on books will do the job and For non-medical I would suggest reading books and then look for the related concepts from all the available resources and of course if you have time.

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