Why was Merit so high this time ?

Why merit was so highI have been asked this question a lot since the UHS announced merit , " Why was merit so high this time." so if you want an answer. Just keep on reading.

First let me tell you that there was an increase of 2.4% (from 81.9 to 84.3) this time and as we know each % can have thousands of students lined up in it, so it is a huge increase, let us see what caused it.

High Merit :

So let us see what actually caused merit to be so high.

Syllabus : 

The first and the most important reason is the syllabus , The syllabus of UHS has given a lot of benefits that unimportant topics are not included in test, Students Know which chapters are most important and which are not? But like all antibiotics have side effects, A syllabus has its side effects too, UHS  syllabus is just too short and an average student is more comfortable with it and the result is average students getting high marks and brilliant students getting 98%.

The Craze to be a Doctor : 

I should not say this because I am going to be a doctor soon but whole nation is crazy about being a doctor? 
I had a bet, show me a single child who doesn't say that "I will become a doctor" and I haven't found one yet.  Most of the time Parents develop it, probably because Doctor word is associated with respect and high class society.  Some think that they will get good jobs, good life partners after being a doctor, What ever the reason might be but the result is 36000 students competing for 3300 seats , so 1 in 100 gets admitted. In Engineering the ratio is about 1 in 10 and that is 10 times less competition.

Drama of Acadimies : 

Academies are also responsible for this, I believe they are of no use but they make student realize they have a test coming up so they should start preparing. I am not going to say anything whether you should join or not but MCAT is a competitive test so there is no need of paying so heavy fees, if everyone follows the "NO  Academy Agenda." will talk about that in Detail on some other day.

Conclusion :

I would say it is an eye opener for everyone and if policies don't change, It is likely that merit would be increasing next year by a 2% and so on till it reaches the 90 mark.

"I pray that people realize that a field is just a field and there are hundreds of good fields."

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  1. bhai, uhs k ilawa b topics krne prte hen kia?


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