How to fill Bubbles in Response Form

" Easiest works are the hardest to do."
Yeah that is true when you are doing a test and know your future relies on this test then often bubble filling can be tricky at times.

Here we are going to see that "How we can effectively fill bubbles in lesser time and also some rules about bubble filling."

How the bubble system works : 

If you are not familiar with  the system let me tell you how it works, Students are given a response sheet consisting of rows of bubbles, The No of bubbles in each row represents the options and No of rows represents the No of Questions in the test.
The principle is pretty simple one , A standardized Bubble response form is fed into the computer and as your response form is scanned the computer quickly compares it with the standard and stores the results in its memory. Thus the checking process is theoretically foolproof.

Bubble filling :

I want to give you  a few points you should have in mind before filling response forms.

  1. Always observe that you are filling the right bubble row for the Question No in Test. It might look a bit over skeptical to do so but believe me it is worth doing, I have seen people getting 5 or 10 Questions wrong due to this simple mistake.
  2. Fill bubbles completely but don't let it go outside. The best way to do it is to fill it from outside and then some quick filling inside. But personally I used to do it the other way around , Filling from inside and then I get a margin of white periphery left so I fill it at the end, Nevertheless you can find what is best for you.
  3. Leaving A Question is the trickiest time , Whenever you leave a question always take care that you have left the corresponding bubble in the response form and if you follow what  I said in point 1 then the chances of error are much reduced.
  4. Checking for errors at the end , If you are done with the test and have 10 minutes spare , just look around for partially filled bubbles in your response form and complete them. Please don't overwrite the already filled one's 

Less Chance of Error :

The system is intelligent enough to correct your minor mistakes so only few people lose some marks due improperly filled bubbles. So don't worry about it too much. Nevertheless following above points would help you in your test. You can download a example response form from here .

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