UHS Merit List for 2012

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Merit List 2012

UHS merit for session 2012 :

 " Closer it gets, Harder it is." 
The situation of students waiting for UHS merit list is same these days. Closer the date comes harder to wait. Usually merit increases each year by 0.2% some less or more but this year Jung news published a news about UHS merit of 2012.

News about merit in Jung :

I really doubt authenticity of  this news I believe it is a stunt made by Newspaper for publicity and/or for driving Admissions in private medical colleges.

My prediction about merit :

I predict merit to be close to 82.5 though I haven't seen the paper but if It was easy then probably 83, not more than these unless paper was just cream.

For 2013 session I believe merit will increase again probably by 0.5, If UHS keeps the syllabus same.
And I think Syllabus would be same for 2013 as they can't change it much. M.B.B.S related stuff is added in Syllabus and M.B.B.S syllabus is same so would be of MCAT.

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