flaws in EDUCATION SYSTEM of Pakistan

I was thinking of writing this article for a long time but wasn't sure would you be able to understand it or not, because as you are devoted to be a Doctor or Engineer so I was not sure you are How would you think about it. But Let us see what you say about this.

There are a thousand flaws in the Educational system of Pakistan, But we are going to be concerned with the problems it creates for Pre-Engineering and Premedical students :

In Pakistan the highest No. Of subjects a student can choose in FSc is 6 and if you choose Biology , You can't read Mathematics at the same time and same is true for Computer and Chemistry and a lot of other books.
So the system is actually working in a way that you choose your profession while you are just entering in 11th class at an age of 16 and that is not a good age to choose your profession.
And we see a lot of people going into professions that their parents ask them to go in, 

Drastic results and difficulties ;

The result of this is really drastic particularly for people in premedical, As you know there are limited seats in Medical and people actually love to be a doctor so  a drastic competition. Obviously only 3200 people will get admissions while others are left with options like Agriculture , DVM and BioSciences etc. And when the world is moving toward the technology and Web is becoming the major part of the world economy, our bright students
are reading agriculture and DVM instead of other great fields.

Some other Education Systems :

In countries like America and Great Britian Maths and Biology both are taught simultaneously and you can choose unlimited no of subjects, so you can study whatever you want, so that students can choose from a variety of fields. 

For Example, If same system is adopted in Pakistan then students who haven't got through in MCAT will have a chance to be in Engineering , IT and all other fields , but Now even after loosing a whole year to change the profession (giving additional maths)  then the Biology you studied previously is wasted as they will issue a new certificate after receiving the previous one , And that's crazy a students learnt Biology for two years and he has no proof that he did it. 

My Appeal from students :

Though I am against Violence but please do peaceful protest, It is your basic right and you should be trying to get it , Make speeches in your college , Ask your teachers what they think about it , 
Just get united and ask for your right, File a petition in the High Court because it is the biggest Crime, people are playing with your future and you should not let them do this.

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