Time to move Books

Time to move Books :

Hello everyone missed my tips. It's me back again to discuss some more things with you. Today I would like to tell you some of my experience with entry test and a bit more about how to prepare entry test.
Straight after getting through F.Sc class students get worried about where to prepare for entry test as was I.
Ok Let me tell you first what happened with me. I was confused up where to prepare for entry test at last decided to go to Punjab college. Long story short I  always thought that people say that Kips is the best so why not try it.( thought that wasn't the case as I understood that on after solving the paper ). Then decided to go there and after a month I was more confused.
The paper was near and I was all hushed up didn't know anything what to do. The new full length test started at Kips   and I stopped going there,

I preferred to stick a bit to books. So Just 15 days left and 8 books in hand looking
towards the sky for some help.

I decided to leave those books that I liked the most so left my lovely Physics. Skipping what happened to me I move toward you. Please start reading books when you have ample time to give a reading to all of them.

That is the last thing you need after clearing all the concepts if you don't do this seriously speaking you can lose 50 to 100 marks.

Someone interested in knowing what happened with me.
I got through the test with 90% though always remember that it wasn't the physics that gave me a hitch neither was it Biology nor chemistry rather it was English.

Wishing you do well in your test.
I would like to know your experience as well
E-mail me your experience of entry test


  1. aoa sir when should one start studying specifically for test?

  2. I started when 20 days were left but I think a good time is 25 or more

  3. You should concentrate on FSC books while preparing the test, and hopefully 950 would guarantee an admission

  4. I usually don't like academies but I believe it would be best if you ask someone from your city

  5. Wat is better for mcat preparations Punjab clg or kips?

  6. Home is better than both, my personal experience.


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