Get Syllabus of MCAT 2015

At last your wait is over and UHS has announced syllabus of MCAT 2015. Here is my analysis of MCAT 2015 Syllabus  and you can download your copy of syllabus or watch it online.

Changes in Syllabus

As we already predicted correctly. No of questions are same as last year and most of the syllabus as well. The MCQ structure is also same as last year. I might be biased here but Entry Test Class covers the whole syllabus. So you can good practice from it. 

Download Syllabus of MCAT 2015

Before you read my complete analysis, you can download MCAT syllabus from this link so you can compare what I am taking about. 

(you can watch syllabus online after reading the analysis. ) 

MCQ structure 

Physics       44   MCQs 
Chemistry   58  MCQs
Biology       88  MCQs
English       30  MCQs

No Aptitude in Syllabus 

Despite UHS's continuous efforts, they are not able to include aptitude in test. There is no aptitude in MCAT 2015. I know this will make some students very happy and others would be like  , UHS can't do a single thing right. 

English Vocabulary

English vocabulary is an important and only portion updated by UHS, Good news is UHS has decreased the no of English vocabulary words. For a comparison you can see 2014 syllabus from here .
In 2014 there were 872 words and now in Syllabus of 2015 you have only 695 words. So you will have to memories less. Another Good news is most words are the same.  Last year we took regular tests for English on entry test class, Our team will review the new vocabulary section in detail and our tests on entry test class will be updated to include any new words, and to remove words which are no more part of syllabus. 

This year we are giving 50% scholarship to first 50 students . You can contact me to get a membership of entry test class.

Muhammad Waqar Akram
4th year MBBS
King Edward Medical University
Phone No 0301 7719219

If you want to watch syllabus online here it is.

Syllabus of MCAT 2015

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