Syllabus of MCAT 2018

Since the start of syllabus, MCAT has became much easier for students. Now you don't have to remember everything in your book. Instead topics of great importance mentioned in syllabus are enough for getting good marks.

Syllabus of MCAT 2018

As I told last year , the year before and even in 2012. There is very less chance of any changes in syllabus of MCAT. So Syllabus of MCAT 2018 would be quite similar to that of MCAT 2014.

Marks distribution and contents

The marks distribution is expected to stay the same as it was last year

  1. 44 MCQs from Physics
  2. 58 MCQs from Chemistry
  3. 30 MCQs from English 
  4. 88 MCQs from Biology

Start preparing according to syllabus

So my advice to students is that you should start preparing according to syllabus of 2014. Please download it from here. Stay focused in your studies. 

UHS will announce syllabus hopefully in  May I will update, when they do it.

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