Motivation for High Scores in MCAT

I have been helping MCAT students for 2 years now,  back in 2012 I started this Blog since than I have met so many of you people from all over Pakistan. I had discussions with you, I see a strong desire in you to be a doctor. I see you praying and longing for High Scores in MCAT.

I have received hundreds of request to make keys and Add more Test , which I have finally heard by Making Entry Test Class. It will be launched on 1st June.

After spending 2 and a half year in K.E.M.U  I was wondering what in medical field is so appealing that almost every intelligent students wants to be in MBBS.

Students in F.Sc say it is about the passion they have for serving humanity but when they come to Medical College I have heard them

First ones to get benefit from MBBS should be us. We study so hard for it.

And then all those seminars for USMLE promoted urge inside me to go America. So certainly it is not serving humanity thing.

Then they say there is a lot of money involved, I recently came across a person he earns thousands of $ from his twitter account per month. It is more than any physician's salary.

At the very end of it  I was convinced it is about status, but yet I saw young doctor's on road, and then doctor's living in humble conditions because of low pay.

So what is it all about? why the whole nation wants to be doctor? Probably because we are blessed with dependence on parents or in our false and limited knowledge other fields have far less opportunities. Sadly internet has made this reason wrong now everyone living anywhere has equal opportunity to excel in any field. to study with best materials and to do jobs with best companies from their homeland.

Probably you take some food for thought from this for next generation, make them someone special in any field, don't make a brilliant scientist an average doctor , don't make a brilliant web developer a lazy med student and If you are wondering what should be Motivation for High Scores in MCAT wait for [202]


  1. Its a fact , but i wonder why this blog name as motivation to get high scores in MCAT . Because in above mentioned 3-4 paragraphs i didnt find anything motivational which encourages the student to become a doctor . So plz can any one clearify !

  2. Thanks wait for Motivation for High Scores in MCAT [202] ,


  4. Hy WAQAR Bhai !
    i got 840 marks in mcat last year and 933 in fsc.
    do you think i should join any acdmy for prepration?
    and how much score is required in mcat this year?

  5. You will need at least 1000 Marks in MCAT, well in my personal experience you need to concentrate on syllabus books , but it differs from person to person and how well you studied in F.Sc matters a lot. But at least I will recommend if you leave it in last 20 days and try to concentrate on text books in this period.

  6. thanks a lot! you are doing wonderful job.

  7. mahnoor farooq26 May 2014 at 00:20

    hey can u tell me the scope of allied science in pakistan i got 935marks in fsc n 856in mcat last yr but i m so nervous plz can u help me in preparing mcat and plz tellme also about doc of nutrition science

  8. waqar i scored 468marks in part 1 ov fsc plz givee me the direction

  9. Maham Jee Maham Jee9 September 2014 at 20:05

    sir i done mcat n now want some info about registon of hafiz quran test immediately

  10. sir can yu tell me some websites for mcat practice tests plzzz

  11. sir can you tell me some websites for mcat practice tests plzzzzz

  12. syed hassan abdullah28 December 2014 at 23:38

    How we can get more than 1000 marks in MCAT

  13. http://www.entrytestclass.com


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