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I have been asked a lot about entry test  What is entry test ? How should we prepare for entry  test? From where we should prepare Entry test?? What is style of Entry Test?? And a lot more by Pre Engineering and Pre medical students. 
So lets have a look on Entry Test in general

Entry Test :

Most of people will know what is entry test?? But for those from distant places let me give an introduction first.
Entry Test as the name indicates is a test taken by different  universities to evaluate the students for admission in the university as per criteria described. So it is simply a hindrance in Entrance of a university.
Some examples of Entry Test are
  1. MCAT or Medical Entry Test taken by UHS from F.Sc Pre-medical students.
  2. ECAT or UET Entry Test taken by University of Engineering and Technology from F.Sc Pre-engineering students.
  3. NUST takes test for both disciplines separately. and a lot of other Entry tests are there. Etc

Getting Through Entry Test :

Before going on topics like What to follow to get through entry test?? How to study more effectively???  etc.
 Lets first have a look on students behaviour toward entry test.
We can classify students in three groups on there wrong approach toward entry test.
  1. Group I Students who don't Study
  2. Group II Students who are confused
  3. Group  III Students that do not study effectively

Group I :

There are a lot of students  who stop hard work during first two or more months of entry test preparation. 
You can give a lot of reasons why they do this,
             Some are tired of the hectic hard work they did in F.Sc exams others think that Entry Test is all about concepts and as there concepts  are really good so they will get through entry test easily.
For the time being I want to say please change your attitude if you fall under this category. We will discuss more on Concept and Cramping later with a review by Salman Ashraf as well LAST years MCAT  Position Holder.

Group II :

There are some students who are too much afraid of Entry Test. They get confused stressed even they had scored high in all other Exams There main Problem lies in low confidence. A quick word for them is that the high confidence will win you half the battle, How to develop it we will talk about  it in next articles.

Group III :

There is a third type of students that study a lot, have ample confidence and yet they fail due to small mistakes they make most common one is poor time management and certain others which we will discuss.

So I think this was helpful in giving a general overview we will discuss all specific problems Soon!

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  1. My main problem is time management..... Nd my confidence.... Im really afraid of this


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