Applying in a private medical college

As yesterday I described how merit has gone up in last two years. The increased trend of reading is talking merit higher and higher. It is very natural for students to apply for private medical colleges when they haven't got a seat in a Govt. medical college. Today I am going to tell what you should know before applying into a private medical college.

Read all the rules in Prospectus

Not long ago I always skipped all agreements I do online with companies like Facebook while accepting their terms. Though it might not be necessary for you to read Facebook rules before signing up, but
It is highly recommended you read all UHS rules for admission in M.B.B.S program for Private Medical Colleges. It might cost you some time but will save you from some sadly Scam Colleges.

Know the hidden fee structure

Another important thing is, you should carefully read the fee structure and also read the hidden lines like "college has the right to increase fees for next sessions". 

 You should know the maximum limit of dues set by Govt. Any College taking more than that is taking bribe to give you a seat. 

Well I would say it is highly unethical to buy a seat in a noble profession in the name of donation etc. There are million other fields to choose from that I will explain in my new series guide coming from 20th December.

"10 better alternatives of Medical Profession"

Don't apply if you fall below minimum merit

Minimum aggregate required for admission in a private medical college is 60%. Some medical colleges accept applications from such students and even enroll them but when time comes for sending admissions of 1st Prof, they are detained as UHS doesn't accept their examination form.

Act like grown ups and understand your parents

Parents do a lot for us and they even can do what is beyond their limits. If you see heavy fees of private medical colleges would be a lot of burden to your parents especially I am saying this to middle class students, than may be you should think about repeating or about some other Profession.  

Always apply in more than 5 Private colleges

If you are rich enough to afford the cost of a private medical college. Then you should apply in more than 5 colleges and give their entrance test. Advantage of doing this is that you will get a call from at least one of them. The Best option is to choose two Good , two average and two new medical colleges.

Study Hard

And Lastly some personal advice whether you are in a private medical college or a Govt. medical school. Prof.  is always going to be pretty tough. So study hard as you don't want to be detained after paying heavy fees.

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