Entry Test Class 2014

About Entry Test Class

For those who still don't know what is entry test class. Here I explain everything about it

Entry Test Class is a online program we are making for entry test studies. In future it will include a lot of more stuff.

Courses Offered

In Entry Test Class 2014 we will give you courses based on high quality MCQs which are 
  1. Practice your concepts,
  2. Test your Concept, 
  3. Full Length Exams ,
  4. Past Papers

Plus you would be able to keep record of your preparation and you will get real time competition merit, based on our users from all over Pakistan. 

Entry Test Class 2013 was a great success some 1600 people joined out many of which got admissions in Medical Institutes , some reached King Edward Lahore and they personally met me. It was really great experience to meet my students.

I am really hope we will have a great time in Entry Test Class 2014 and most importantly ETC will help you reach in Best Medical and Engineering Colleges of country.

Fee Structure and Scholarships

Entry test class features more than 3000 Question which will increase every week. Overall you will get a complete session of 4 months with thousands of questions to practice on an affordable price for everyone. For Session 2014 fee is only  Rs. 1000 / month which is nothing as compared to amount of practice you will get.
Unlike all other institutes we are offering up to 100% scholarship for deserving students. So poor students can prepare their test easily. 


Entry Test Class is up and running for users selected from our event on Facebook. Publicly  admission for Entry Test Class 2014 will open  on 10th June.  However if you have a test coming up like NET you can contact us on 03017719219 for getting immediate access. 

For any further questions you can contact us on 03017719219 or e-mail us at support@entrytestclass.com

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