Entry Test Class

I know I am back after a lot of days , sorry for that but , Today I would like to introduce you to Entry Test Class which I think you are going to like it ,

What is Entry Test Class : 

Entry Test Class is a new project launched by ETG and ETP at http://www.entrytestclass.com , that is aimed to be a online platform that is going to help students through out this years entry test preparation.

Aim and purpose of Entry Test Class : 

The aim of Entry test class is to provide students with an online community where they can ask and answer. 

Ask and Answer : 

Lets see you studied a topic today and you have questions about it in your mind , so you can come in entry test class  and ask the questions you have, there are a lot of people there who will love to answer them , I am also a member there and whenever I get time , I go there and answer your questions , So it is a really good way of clearing your concepts.

while others answer your Questions you can browse out some of the questions asked by others and that is going to help you a lot , It is like a free revision of the topics or book you have already gone through so I think it is going to be very helpful. 

Success of Entry Test Class : 

Entry Test Class is having a lot of success in its , early first month , with more than 200 students activily participating in the project ,and it is just a start .


  1. bhai kya uhs 2013 ka syllabus announce ho gya hai?

  2. as a child very accident prone inshort spent time in hospitals around medstudents doctors ect. is this a help or a hurt?


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