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A very good friend of mine, Saad, asked me to write an article about my experience of entry test. But then I thought that my life has been predictable throughout my career as how to get through matric, F.Sc. and of course last but not the least entry test. I am not writing this article for giving a boring lecture which most people will think. Most students of F.Sc. who get more than 85% and do not get admission in medical think that they are the most unlucky ones in the entire universe and I bet they are. But think for one moment that you are not the only one who didn't get admission but there could be 500 to 600 unlucky ones with you too.
I wanted to tell you about the person who was a position holder in 5th, 8th, matric and got more than 1000 in F.Sc. but didn't
 get admission in medical.How unlucky he was…!
His life was just like that of the movie LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. Repeaters should watch that movie because it shows that life is unpredictable. For the record, all those boys who watch ben10 and girls who love Barbie should not watch it because it is PG18.
That person was out of ideas. He had never faced defeat in his entire life. After 13th Sep he became reclusive. September passed then October and then November. He then went to kips for their AKU session in December. He was brilliant; he joined star session, as AKU session was just on sat and Sunday. Just imagine the hard work he was putting in. Just to tell you one more thing he was travelling in between Faisalabad and Lahore the whole weekend because that stupid person joined kips in Faisalabad and star in Lahore. During this hectic routine he never thought why me? Why I was so unlucky? Because he knew that winners never quit. He then gave the Agha khan entry test, would you believe that he didn't get through? Again luck deceived him. He got 32% in math while in all other subjects he got more than 80%.Again he didn't lose hope.
He then joined kips on 23rd may for the entry test. Toiled hard again and then got more than 1000 in entry test. I observed him very keenly. As a matter it is because of him i think that i got admission. His father is a very strict man and asked him to take admission in a private college. All odds were against him.
What matters is your determination and the will to sustain the pressure and last but not the least what my father say me all the time ''Beta Apni Izzat Aur Wakaar Ki Khatir Aap Kis Had Tak Jao Gey". And honestly it is the time to save your honour. Everyone can lecture you for days but at the end it is upon you as to how far you can go and most important how serious you are? Do you want to sleep 8 hours a day and think that still a year is left for entry test or you can sleep 5 hours a day and make your career for the entire life?
Last but not the least I wanted to tell you that you just spent 4 minutes in reading the article.
Live these golden minute of yours with great care.

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