Making Nation Great by doing Online job

Making your nation great :

"People make a nation great"

We read it somewhere and read it  again after a long time but don't  know what actually it means? Who make a nation great. Just read on and I hope you get the answers
 I know someone he was in England he told me that I used to be in a factory there. On Sundays teenagers and even small school going children used to come there and do some of the packing job and earn some pocket money or to earn money for
Charity. It is really an amazing thing and it tells you the way by which those Nations have got succeeded Everyone there is eager to earn their expenses by doing something or other but In Pakistan there is hardly anyone earning before 25.

 Employment of teenagers :

Yes we speak a lot of employment of women, I don't disagree with that but why not we think about job at an early age. In Pakistan more than 30% of people are between 18 to 26 and you know what all their expenses and needs are fulfilled by their parents yes it is a good family structure but not good for economy of country, 10% carrying expenses of 30%.

 What you can achieve by working online?

That is why we have started this online job Program so that we can help you out to be a good positive citizen , And Each Dollar $ you earn online Adds to Foreign Exchange reserves of country and would be good for you as well.

Imagine buying a Galaxy S III with money you earned yourself and you can tell your friends look " I have done something myself".
And For country we say 10 lac people start doing online part time jobs and earn 250$ a month it makes 2.5 karor US $. And It is possible to earn 250$ a week after just a little bit hard work. O I think it is really a great thing , good for you and your country.So Don't be a person depending on parents till he is 25 just try to support them and do good something for your count
Please give your opinion about leave your comments and if you have done anything like that share your success story with us.
But where to begin I think this post would help you start.

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  1. I want to post a link to an easy online job but I couldn't :/


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