Skeletal System

These MCQs are from Chapter 16 of 2nd year Skeletal System. I hope These MCQs from Skeletal System will help you a lot in giving good concepts about skeletal system.

Biology MCQs Skeletal System

1. The matrix of the bone is composed of;
a. Calcium phosphate
b. Collagen
c. Chitin
d. Calcium carbonate

2. Hydrostatic skeleton is pressent in;
a. E.Worm & Jelly fish
b. Cockroach

c. Cray fish
d. Millipedes

3. The most rigid connective tissues are the;
a. Tendons
b. Ligaments
c. Cartilage

d. Bones

4. All of the following are related to cranial bones, except that of;
a. Parietal
b. Occipital
c. Vomer
d. Frontal

5. The structure formed by the fusion of anterior five pelvic vertebrae is the;
a. Axis
b. Sacrum
c. Atlas
d. Coccyx

6. Which one of the following posses single occipital condyle?
a. Fishes & Reptiles
b. Birds & Mammals
c. Birds & Amphibians
d. Reptiles & Birds

7. The antagonistic arrangement of skeletal muscles means the movement of muscles;
a. In the same direction
 b. Against each other
c. with out friction
d. With out contraction & relaxation

8. Which one deos not take place  during repair of bone?
a. Chondrocytes formation
b. Hematoma formation
c. Callus formation
d. Bony callus

9. which one is not correct about the sliding filament model of muscle contraction?
a. Length of A band is reduced
b. Thick and thin filaments slide over each other
c. Z - lines come lose together
d. The I - band shortens

10. The fundamental contractile unit of a skeletal muscle is called;
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